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Saturday February 04 2023 

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Week #8 & the BIG MESABI Invite!
Jan 1, 2020, 10:54 am




There are only 3 rules on this team.

                    1. BE A GOOD PERSON 2. BE A GOOD STUDENT. 3. BE A GOOD ATHLETE

In that order.  


Week # 8!


Happy New Year!


Now that we wrapped up the 2019 ski season, we are ready to pick up the pace for some fast SKI RACING in 2020. January brings a fully packed schedule of ski meets. Skiers need to do everything right in order to stay on top of their ski game from here on out. The ski season ends on week # 14 folks!  


PRACTICE RIGHT. Hard / Easy days = positive racing.


EAT RIGHT. Good clean wholesome foods = your body feels at its best.


SLEEP RIGHT. Get to bed early and get your rest = time management for that homework & other life stuff.


RECOVER RIGHT. Stretch, roll, refuel = prep for next practice and ski races.


THINK RIGHT. Ski tools: Technique + Training = mental toughness.


TEAM it RIGHT. Support & Encouragement = positive team results.



RACE RIGHT. Come prepared, and conquer all of the above  and you’ll feel good about your ski racing.  




Kudo’s to all skiers who got their kilometers on over Christmas break!


Our official practice sessions were well attended and based on the upcoming Mesabi East Invite.

The Maplelag Ski Camp included 25 skiers, 3 coaches & a set of volunteer coaches /parents. We skied by day & night, had (deep snow) Suicide Hill repeats, raced a 7.5k classic course for V / JV, along with a 4.1k skate race for our younger crew, with the Minnetonka Nordic Team. The awesome extra’s of: round the clock grooming, games, hot tubbing, meals, and the endless cookie jar made everything perfect.


THANK YOU to all coaches & drivers who made this trip doable: Austin, Parker, August & Don. A best crew to get after all the logistics of a making a memorable ski trip happen. 😊


RED PERSONALIZED JACKETS & TEAM STUFF: is to be delivered on Thursday, Jan. 2. Pick your gear up at this practice.  


This week is going to end on a super exciting busy plan up for the big Mesabi East Invite! It can’t happen without all of you ski friends, so please sign up for the meal duty on Friday and race duty on Saturday. It is a fun & exciting time of ski racing with about 1,000 other racers from Minnesota, Michigan & Wisconsin. This race is a V / JV only race, but we need our young crew of skiers to join in, to cheer on their team members and check out all the super fast ski racers that will be in attendance.


Wednesday, Jan 1: no practice.


Thursday, Jan 2: practice


Friday, Jan 3: practice. Ski & Wax. Eat & Help out at spaghetti dinner. The V /JV team will eat as a group, we will leave for the Biwabik Pavilion at 6 pm. The JH & Newbie crews will practice until 5:30 and then may ride the VA bus to the Pavilion to meet their parents or go home. Same for Mesabi East skiers. *Remember to bring your desserts to the Pavilion before practice*

Parents: here is the link to sign up to help: https://volunteersignup.org/ED9MT


Saturday, Jan 4: Mesabi East Invite. Races begin at 11:00 am. Classic skiers arrive at GR by 9 am, the Freestyle skiers arrive at 11:00 am or earlier. Bring your B skis to warm up on. Team Camp is in the Lodge, the same room we’ve used in the past. On the 3rd floor to the right of the elevator. We will have the team tent & benches outside for all waxing race prep.

*THANKS everyone - for doing what you do best to put on - a great pasta dinner fundraiser and volunteering your time at the biggest Nordic Ski Race in the country!


See ya on the trails!


*MYSL - Minnesota Youth Ski League - this group meets every Sunday through February,  beginning on Jan. 5th, from 2-3 pm at the Timing Building, and is looking for team skiers to help the coaches teach lessons to our future ski team members! Got an hour to spare on Sunday? Grab your ski friends & sign up with Jack Greenlee or Don Galloway. 

*Want to see photo’s of your skier(s)?

Our team is so lucky to have some parents taking action shots & more at our races! Our most sincere THANKS goes out to Danielle Matschiner (Allison Kate Photography) & Brenda Skelton for offering up your talents to capture what we do best! The photos can be found on our Facebook & Instagram pages, and at this link for Allison Kate Photography: https://allisonkatephotography.smugmug.com/Sports/Nordic-Skiing/MEVAEGMIB-Nordic-Ski-Team-Action-Shots/






Week # 6; Merry SKImas!
Dec 21, 2019, 8:37 am


There are only 3 rules on this team.

                                       1. BE A GOOD PERSON 2. BE A GOOD STUDENT. 3. BE A GOOD ATHLETE

In that order.       

** Dec 25 th Update ** 

Dec 26th- Thursday,  Ski Practice is canceled due to freezing rain forecast

Dec 27th - Friday. V / JV. 9-noon. at Giants Ridge, instead of Big Aspen. . Meet in Timing Bldg.


Week # 6!


It was another terrific week of team togetherness!


Everyone is moving in the right direction and our Team Newbies are improving by the ski minute! Nice work to all, at our first classic race of the season, in Cloquet on Thursday. Again, we had podium results in every class of racing!  

The smiles are huge, and this is why, we do what we do. “Serious Fun” is probably one of our biggest assets! ðŸ˜‰


CAPTAIN AWARDS: Are handed out, the day after a ski meet. The captain’s choose about 5 skiers who had an extremely interesting, crazy, successful or not so great race, and recognize them at our daily team meeting. Thank You to this season’s great leadership… our 2019/20 captains are: Anna, Natalie, Trinity, Kevin & Tylen.


TEAM JACKETS: The black puffy jackets & vests are in! If you want to pick yours up, they will be available on Sunday, Dec. 22 in the basement of the Chalet. The personalized red team jackets & accessories are due to ship out on Dec 27th, or earlier. Keep your fingers crossed on that one!


CHRISTMAS BREAK SCHEDULE: We are now onto Christmas break, and our practices are listed below. Our JH & Newbie crews don’t have any “formal” practices, but we encourage them to come on out when the V/JV are around, to “ski on their own”.


V/ JV/ JH/ Newbies 




Saturday / Sunday: Dec 21 & 22nd: DISTANCE!Grab your teammates & get your K’s on! Warmer temps, means fast snow, which means excellent skiing! Throw in several 30 second FARTLEK’s for keeping your speedwork fresh. If your doing classic, use Rex Blue. Ski lots of different trails, cuz we’ll be spending all our time on the Section Race courses after the Holiday.

Monday Dec 23rd:MESABI EAST INVITE PREP Today is a great day to work on your race prep for the Mesabi East Invite! Ski the Silver or Classic Course 2 times. The first 5k at level 1. The second loop at level 2 with moving to level 3 on the up hills. Practice your: V1 tempo on the up hills, tucks and free skate on the downhills, and all the transitions.                 


V/ JV / JH / Newbies




Thursday Dec 26th: 9-11:30 am. Varsity:Bring all your – skate & classic gear to the Timing Building. Gear & Boot up here today. Tech Work in stadium. JV / JH / Newbies– gear up in the Chalet, ski distance (skate or classic) with your ski friends. 

Friday Dec 27th: 9 am – 12 pm. CLASSIC practice at BIG ASPEN Trails (north of Virginia) Mesabi East skiers leave the pool parking lot at 8:15 am. Meet everyone else at Big Aspen at 9 am. Space is limited, can some of our Varsity skiers drive their own vehicle? *V/JV + 9th/ 10th graders only*

Saturday Dec 28th – Monday Dec 30th: SKI CAMP @ MAPLELAG.Leave Mesabi East at 8:00 am, pick everyone else up at Mesabi Rec in Virginia at 8:30 am.WHAT to BRING:All ski equipment. Water Bottle. Extra base layers, gloves, hats. Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Towel, Swimsuit, Toiletries, snacks, money for lunch, trip permission slip. We will be skiing twice a day. We’ll return to the VA area around 5 pm on Monday, Dec 30th. *SKI RACE with other teams, Monday, Dec 30th morning* at Maplelag, before we depart for home. For more info on Maplelag, click here:https://www.maplelag.com/

Tuesday Dec 31, 12 -2 pm.  Coach Anna J's V/JV pop up practice prep for the ME Invite.  

Wednesday Jan 1:   SKI ON YOUR OWN and / or REST DAY.    



See ya on the trails! 




... twas the week before CHRISTMAS BREAK :)
Dec 16, 2019, 8:41 am



There are only 3 rules on this team.

                            1. BE A GOOD PERSON 2. BE A GOOD STUDENT. 3. BE A GOOD ATHLETE

In that order.  




Week # 5!


Ski RACING – we’ve got it going on!


Great results from Snowflake & Mt. Itasca from every skier on our team! The top ten finishes & podium standings were fun to watch on Saturday, along with our fantastic TEAM SPIRIT! From our veteran skiers to the new class, our team showed up and acted like they knew what it means to be part of a ski team. Nice work everyone!


Warmer temps are ahead this week- a bonus for some productive practice sessions & a (faster snow) race day to look forward to!


The details of week # 5:


Monday 12/16: Practice

Tuesday 12/17: Practice

Wednesday 12/18: Practice – wax & ski

Thursday 12/19: Ski Meet at Pine Valley in Cloquet. Classic. See Race List Page for more info.

Friday 12/20: Christmas Ski Practice; Relays, Secret Santas, T Shirt game, Pizza. *Captain’s to bring beverages*


*Want to see photo’s of your skier(s)?

Our team is so lucky to have some parents taking action shots & more at our races! Our most sincere THANKS goes out to Danielle Matschiner (Allison Kate Photography) & Brenda Skelton for offering up your talents to capture what we do best! The photos can be found on our Facebook & Instagram pages, and at this link for Allison Kate Photography: https://allisonkatephotography.smugmug.com/Sports/Nordic-Skiing/MEVAEGMIB-Nordic-Ski-Team-Action-Shots/ 

*More THANKS to all of you skiers & parents who participated in the most recent team fundraiser of coffee & cocoa sales! Our profits were outstanding, and all extra money goes right back to fund the extra’s for all of our team skiers. 

The Mesabi East Invite Spaghetti Feed will be the next gig to earn extra $$. This is a wonderful way to feed lots of incoming teams. Good food, good price and GREAT SERVICE from our skiers & parents.   THANKS again to all who are working this feed and who are signed up to work the race on Jan. 3. It’s a super fun weekend with 1,000 ski racers from the Midwest, ski racing on the best nordic trail system in Minnesota!


See ya on the trails!

Week # 4: Ski Meets & other news
Dec 9, 2019, 12:52 pm


 There are 3 rules on this team.

1. Be a good person. 2. Be a good student. 3. Be a good athlete. 

In that order. 


Hey ski folks!


We're rolling into week # 4 of our ski season, and getting into a groove for some seriously fun ski racing and team togetherness! 

The boxes are checked for all our skier's necessities and with all this super snow, it's an exciting start to the race scene! 


The week ahead looks like this:


Monday 12/9: Practice - WAX Prep / Ski for Tuesday's racers, Jr High & Newbies ski.


Tuesday 12/10: Ski Meet is now at Snowflake Nordic Center in Duluth. (changed from Grand Avenue Nordic, at Spirit Mtn.) Start Time is 11:00 am.


STart list is posted. Since it will be a very cold day, we are not taking our new skiers to this meet, and there isn't any practice for this group on this day. 


*Bus leaves Mesabi East at 7:15 am & will be picking up all other skiers at the Super 8 in Eveleth at 7:35 am. Return is the same, with a pick up at the Super 8 and ME School.* 

Wednesday 12/11, Thursday 12/12, Friday, 12/13 - Practice for everyone


Saturday 12/14: Ski Meet at Mt. Itasca in Coleraine, 11:00 am start.  We will take everyone to this ski meet, whether they are racing or spectating.  Bus leaves ME at 7:15 am, and will pick up all other skiers at the VA high school at 7:35 am. Return the same. 


* THANK YOU for the great response on the Mesabi East Invite Spaghetti Feed!   

So many parents reached out to keep this event on our annual calendar!  Check your emails for more info on how you can help.  

* MAPLELAG CHRISTMAS SKI TRIP sign up is posted in the Chalet. Sign up & pay ASAP to reserve your spot! Dec 28-30th, two nights, 3 days of skiing. 7th grade skiers and up. $150 check made out to ME Nordic Boosters. This fee includes everything! Transportation, Lodging, All Meals, Ski Passes. To find out more on this great Nordic Ski center, click on this link: https://www.maplelag.com/



Week # 2
Nov 17, 2019, 9:01 am


There are only 3 rules on this team.

                            1. BE A GOOD PERSON 2. BE A GOOD STUDENT. 3. BE A GOOD ATHLETE. 

In that order.  



 Week #1 is Done!

With over 50 skiers on our roster, it is crazy busy, crazy fun & more!

Learning names, making friends and SKIING – we got all this accomplished in just one week. The snow making crew and grooming guys at Giant’s Ridge, are certainly making things easier than ever to get the feel of skinny boards underneath our feet. What a fantaSKI way to begin the 2019/20 ski season!!

We’ll continue this pattern and cross our fingers for Mother Nature to do her thing with the real snow, so we can get out on the trails. The snow dance is needed folks! 😊


Some details of our team doings for this week:

-          All Team Apparel Orders & payment are due on TUESDAY NOV 19th.

Black Puffy Jacket, Vest, & Hoodie forms are at practice & on this site.  

The Red personalized “Mesabi East Area Nordic” Jackets, Hats & Buffs are online. The jackets have the logos of VA, EG & MIB on the shoulders of the sleeves too. Here is the link to order: https://mesabieast.itemorder.com/

-          Nordic Ski Season Passes

These are required to ski. They can be purchased at Giant’s Ridge in the new Chalet.

-          Uniforms / Team Warm Up Jackets

We will begin issuing race uniforms and other team items this week. Race tops & tights, & team jackets are to be worn only for ski meets.


-          Coffee Fundraiser

All the information was handed out at last week & orders are due back to a coach on Monday, Nov. 25th, or earlier if your skier is going to West Yellowstone. Ask your skier for the packet if you haven’t seen it yet. Please sell or make a donation to our team booster club if possible. Our extra monies fill in the school budget gap towards scholarships, ski wax, ski trips, team apparel & more.


-          Thanksgiving Week

Practice will be held on Monday & Tuesday, Nov. 25/26th. No practice on Wed 11/27, Thurs 11/28 or Friday 11/29. Back at it on Monday Dec. 2nd.


Thanks to all -for encouraging your skier and for supporting our team!


Think ❄️SNOW❄️ & see ya on the trails!

SKI SEASON info & practice begins TUES NOV 12!
Nov 7, 2019, 9:02 am

There are only 3 rules on this team.


In that order.  





It was super nice to be together at Monday's preseason meeting!

Catching up with our veteran skiers and meeting our new skiers & parents is always a smile maker! 

Our season is looking to kick off just right.  With all these cold temps, the snow guns are blasting away at Giant's Ridge and lots of other Nordic ski venues!

Mother Nature is watching out for us, and hopefully the real snow will follow soon! 

This site is updated once or twice a week. You'll find more action along with photos on the team's Facebook & Instagram pages.


Please check in often to keep up with our team doings! 


There's a few things coming up to dial in for! 




For the Mesabi East skiers: ride bus #8 to GR. Parents pick up skiers by 6 pm.  

There is a bus from the Virginia High School, (door # 6) that the VA & MIB skiers will board after school.  This bus then stops at the Gilbert Jr High to pick up the EG skiers.

The VA bus will return all skiers on the same route after practice, with arrival to the VA High School at 6:30 pm. The VAAST Alpine team will also be riding this bus once they are practicing at GR. 


What to bring:

CLEARANCE SLIPS- from your school's AD. You cannot practice until these are turned into a coach. 

FORMS- Medical, Volunteer, Skier / Parent Info card, etc.  return to a coach. 

Ski Equipment, running shoes, hats, gloves /  mitts, baselayers, jackets, windpants. Bascially layering clothers for in & outside workouts. 

A WATER BOTTLE is a must. 

BLAZE ORANGE (it's deer hunting sesason) if you have it. We will also have orange vests available.       



We have several items that the skiers can order if they'd like personal apparel. 

All of the items are optional.  We do provide the race suit for all skiers, and we issue team warm up jackets

for skiers that don't have personal team jackets.  


BLACK insulated pants are recommended for ski bottoms, the team has a limited supply. You can purchase these at Mesabi Rec in Virginia, or any ski shop in Duluth or online. 


*Black Puffy Jacket- the order form is on this site, listed on the menu.  

* Black Puffy Vest - the order form is on this site, listed on the menu. 

These itmes are from Textiles Plus in Eveleth. Give completed order forms & payment to a coach. 



 *Personalized Red Team Jacket / Hat / Buff from Borah Teamwear.  All orders are compeleted online at this storefront link: https://mesabieast.itemorder.com/






Our team is in need of individuals or a group of folks who will lead the charge for this season's ski team happenings! 

Without a parent group, our annual offerings will fall to the wayside.  

Our team club provides:  The Spaghetti Dinner to many school teams, the evening before (Jan 3) the Mesabi East Invite.  

                                     Pasta dinner for our team, the night before (Feb 5) the Section meet. 

                                     Section 7 T Shirt sales at the Section meet (Feb 6). 

                                     Fundraisers: Coffee / Cocoa Sale; Raffle. 

                                     Team food / beverages for the ME Invite & Section Race. 

Our past president, will be available to guide and help. 

If you are interested, please let a coach know. THANK YOU! 


Think SNOW & see everyone on Tuesday, Nov 12th, 4pm!  :) 



2019 / 2020 SEASON is ... coming!
Oct 10, 2019, 9:56 am


SKIERS need some new skinny boards, boots or poles?

 Save the Date!

*Team SKI FIT night at the Ski Hut in Duluth on Tuesday, Nov. 5th, beginning at 4:30 pm. *  



West Yellowstone Ski Trip! 

Registration forms here at this link: http://dulutheastnordicskiteam.teampages.com/  

Get yours in ASAP! This trip fills up super fast! 

Got questions - check with Coach CJ or talk to a skier who has gone on the trip.










GUTS- Get UP. Train SMART!
Jun 12, 2019, 8:21 am

                                                        2019 Fisherman's Point 5K 


Buzz Ryan Sprint Triathlon 



Park Point 5 MILER Racers 








GUTS 2019 is underway! 







30 + athletes are GUTTING it out this summer! 

We met with lots of new & returning faces at the registration picnic and heard there are more kids coming on board - SUPER good stuff.  Registration is ongoing, just come to a session and check out what we are up too! 

We meet on Monday's, Tuesday's, Wednesday's & Thursday's. Some days have mulitiple work out options and locations.  YOU choose what works best for your schedule.  Parents- you are always welcome to jump in and join us! 


*The weekly schedule is posted on the G.U.T.S TRAINING SCHEDULE PAGE on this site* 


The GROUP EVENTS are also optional, but we'll gather some insight on who is doing what, and have preliminary sign up sheets to gather interest and the possiblity of carpooling as often as possible to events. (See GUTS EVENT page on this site) 


WHAT to BRING to a work out session?

Water Bottle. Running Gear. Bikes & Helmets for cycling. Loose clothing & mat for Yoga. Swim Suits & Towel are great to have in your bag of goodies. Nordic ski folks - roller skis, poles, helmets. 



Coach contact info: 

Cheri Johnson, (218) 750-7904, ccjskier@gmail.com

Jon Wagner, (218) 780-7813, jonwagner74@gmail.com

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