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Saturday February 04 2023 

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Thanks & See ya soon!
Aug 21, 2020, 1:59 pm


Hello GUTS athletes, fans & friends, 


We are now finished with our summer training and it all turned out JUST FINE! 

Maybe the only thing we really lacked was the "official" events of past summers.  BUT, 

with some creativity and a great attitude of "ok, let's do this" we came out on top of  

everything we set our minds too!  




Continue the next phase of the unknown Covid journey with an open mind and a strong 

will - to do your best at school, athletics, friends and with your family.  Together we'll be

stronger on the other side, and this period, will be a memory of learning, of what it

takes to be resilient, patient, hopeful, and understanding for whatever comes our way




G.U.T.S. 2020 STATS 



came to

daily workouts on MON, TUES, WED, THURS, FRI



and group events like 


made for an 





A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped out this summer with being a weekly regular or an extra in our summer cast.. 


- VOLUNTEER Cylists: Don & August. 

- VOLUNTEER trail runners: Ultra Andy was our Monday guide, & Alicia at Big Aspen. 

- VOLUNTEERS for our triathlon: Nancy for the trail supervision; Paula & Terri for photo shots. 

- VOLUNTEER DRIVERS for the Adventure Park:  Amy, Aliicia, August, Terri.  

- WEST SIDE COACH - Mr. Jon Wagner 

- YOGA MASTER - Ms. Tara Lere 

- GIANTS RIDGE go to guys: Benji Neff & Benjamin Bartz 




This program can't run without a supporting crew, and from Coach Cheri J .... 




One last announcement with our most recent event recipients: 


* At the ADVENTURE PARK , the top "Monkey Challengers" were: Aaron & Wren.  Your Craft Hoodies will be delivered to you soon. :)  


* The PHOTO RUN winners: Selfie category - Becca;  Nature Category - Chloe;  Action Shot Category - Aubree.  Your gift cards are in the mail. 


* GUTS TECH SHIRTS: extra's are on hand. If you'd like to purchase one, ($15) let coach CJ know. 


Below are a few photos of our last events - all the others are posted on our Facebook & Instagram pages. 




G.U.T.S 2020. 


Be well. Be safe. Be happy.  And....   See ya on the trails.... :) 






GUTS Week 6 & ... Week 7 & 8 Events
Jul 26, 2020, 7:27 am

 Tuesday, Aug 11 updates: 



A D V E N T U R E 

P A R K 


Everyone needs to print, sign & bring the NorthShore Adventure Park waiver with on Wednesday's trip. 

Here is the link: https://waivers-ui.xola.com/templates/5ed9547c81f46755a68246f6/preview?orderId=5f2991b44c506038ec37a2e0&itemId=5f2991b44c506038ec37a2b7


Leave: 8 am from EG high school, 8:30 am from Mesabi East pool lot.

Bring: a mask, suncsreen, hiking / running shoes, water, snacks, bag lunch or pick up food at the store. 

Cost: $20 per person. Bring cash or make your check out to NorthShore Adventure Park. GUTS is paying the rest of the fees.  Our time slots are 1 & 1:30 pm.

Hike: the Superior Hiking Trail, 45 min hike. Start outside Silver Bay. 

Play: North Shore Adventure Park, Silver Bay.  

Picnic: pick up food at the local store (or bring with) to picnic at Black Bear Beach.  


 Didn't sign up, but still want to go?  Give a call to Coach CJ or JW! 



The Adventure Park outing, Wed. Aug. 12th,  in Silver Bay will be the last GUTS event for this summer! 

 A full day of fun is planned and we'll have Covid 19 restrictions in place. 

Transportation will be broken up into our usual GUTS groups, & masks to be worn inside cars / carpooling.  Moms & Dads are encouraged to drive and join us for the day! 

 For more info & rules at the Park: https://www.northshoreadventurepark.com/

 For more details on the day- contact Coach Jon W @ (218) 780-7813. 





GUTS WEEK 6 is ahead of us! July 27-July 31 


Last week's sessions brought some great mileage to trail running, 8.2 miles for the Varsity groups, 5.2 & 5.7 miles for the JV / JH kids at the Big Aspen trails. Running through a nest of bees, got the best of some, and thankful that no one was allergic to the stings... 

Nods to Ultra Andy & Alicia for assisting in leading a couple of groups! Bonus: no lost kids!!  :)  


Many kids are trying vaulting! This is such a great experience for interested track & fielders, along with getting that core & strength in too. 

We will wrap things up in the next couple of weeks with our regular sessions and these events: 


Week 7 Event: GUTS Triathlon; Wed. Aug 5th, Biwabik Beach 4 pm. GUTS Shirts to be given out & pie social after. 

Week 8 Event: North Shore Adventure Park; Wed. Aug 12th. (see update above info) 



Make it a great week everyone! 








GUTS Week # 5!
Jul 19, 2020, 6:45 pm


Active athletes- we got em!  


Last week was well attended and well rounded for keeping our fitness routines interesting, motivating and fun!  Check out these smiles here and all the pics on Facebook / Instagram. 


Thanks again to all who step in to roll with us, "Team Galloway" were our volunteer cyclists on Wednesday, and the kids are always glad to run with "UltraAndy".  Coach Jon & his sidekicks seem to get some good pacing down for their runs on the west side. 


If you want to see some cool pole vault action, check out the videos that are on FB, along with the Fox 21 News video from the Park Point 5 Miler.  Carter was the GUTS spokesperson, while Liz & Kate pushed each other to the finish line.  Weird, strange & fun racing, but none the less, a good test of our fitness. :) 



See everyone this week! 



Summer time & GUTS Week # 4
Jul 10, 2020, 7:57 am


Us coaches are having a terrific time working out, talking & laughing at the weekly GUTS sessions with your athlete!  

If you haven't signed up for this program, just stop in and check us out - anytime.  We're always welcoming new folks!   


Congrats to the July 4th Challenge participants & winners!  We'll give out awards (& swag) on Monday July 13th at 4 pm at Giant's Ridge.  

In case you missed it, we'll be holding another challenge later this summer! 


Here are the top challenge winners:

Overall  boy - Cameron: Run 18  miles, Bike 30 miles. 

Overall girl - Ella: Run 2 miles, Bike 32 miles. 

Bike Category Boys

1. Josh - 40 miles

2. Cameron - 30 miles

3. Connor - 14 miles 

Bike Category Girls: 

1. Ella - 32 miles 

Run Category Girls: 

1. Chloe - 3 miles 

Run Category Boys:

1. Cameron 

Push Ups: 

Carter - 47 



Last week we endured some rain, but we got it done anyway !! :)  


- The running is quick and non stop to keep the deer flies away!

- Our cycling day was well attended with great attitudes for mile accumulation and new scenery to check out.  BIKES (& kids) are in good shape.  Keep those bikes tuned up! 

- Pole Vaulting is now a go on the west side at the EG Track.  The pit is set up & ready! 

- Yogi Tara is fantastic! Come do yoga with us on Mondays & Fridays! 


 We're excited to attend an event this week- the Park Point 5 Miler, Thursday July 16th.  With Covid precautions in place, the race will consist of 3 waves. 

Our group is interested in the TWILIGHT run (4-7 pm). Registration ends on Monday July 13th.  Team / Group carpooling is not allowed. :(  

Find all the info for this event here: https://grandmasmarathon.com/our-races/park-point-5-miler-2/ 



Thanks for encouraging / driving your kids to our sessions! 

And THANK YOU to the staff & mowers at Giant's Ridge for cutting the Silver trail!! It's great to see our feet again while running!! :) 


Stay safe & stay healthy. 


Have a Happy Week! 





Summertime & GUTS WEEK # 3
Jul 5, 2020, 4:03 pm


We're heading into Week # 3 of GUTS training and mixing things up this week!  


* Want to learn how to POLE VAULT? Head to the west side at the EG Track and they'll get you going! 


 * Have you BIKED the newest portion of the Mesabi Trail? Over the floating bridge? We've got this going on the east side at Giant's Ridge on Wednesday


* YOGA has been a hit! Mondays & Friday's Yogi TARA guides us in sooo many great yoga poses, stretches and more.  "Magic" time is probably the favorite! If you want to do Ms Lere's yoga online, click on this link: 



* RUNNING at the Fayal Pond area is well attended and often led by past EG runners.  Thank you to Allen H & Alyssa R & Coach JW! 


* The TRAIL RUNS are always different at Giant's Ridge, and Ultra Andy is the guy getting the kids to get their distance miles in. Thanks Andy L! 


* We also have OLIVIA THE DOG joining in to keep the kids yapping up the hills for those repeats.... 


*PARENTS & FRIENDS are ALWAYS welcome to our workouts.  Join us or do your own thing while you're waiting for your athlete!  


* Upcoming yet this summer: 

                Big Aspen Trail Run for the annual group get together (east & west side) & DQ stop after

                An outing to the Adventure Park in Silver Bay 

                A GUTS triathlon - Swim, Bike, Run 

                School Fitness Centers to reopen 



Let's have a HAPPY & SAFE WEEK!! 




GUTS - begins Monday June 22
Jun 19, 2020, 8:19 am

Sunday, June 29th Update: 


GUTS WEEK #2 starts tomorrow!  See the work out schedule on the GUTS TRAINING PAGE on this site! 

We are still accepting new members- just fill out the below forms & come to a work out session! 


Our (FAKE) Midgnight Summer Solstice Run- Friday, June 26th, was a dark but fun time! 

FASTEST guy - Cameron

FASTES gal - Lydia








GUTS kicks off on Monday June 22! 




Get UP, Train SMART = G.U.T. S. 


We're all about keeping your fitness routine going through the summer with endurance training of running, hiking, cycling, strength / core, roller skiing & even some pole vaulting.  


The workout sessions are informal and take place at various times at various places on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs & some Fridays. 

Choose what sessions you want to attend. Bring a friend along, GUTS is open to any and all from the Iron Range.  Email coach CJ if you need info or forms yet. ccjskier@gmail.com or text 218 750-7904. 


Covid 19 restrictions are in place and safety is # 1 for athletes & coaches. 


25 athletes are on the roll call, we have room for lots more! 


Some housekeeping things to wrap up while we plan our workouts & events: 


FORMS: GUTS registration & waiver to be filled out and brought to your first workout.  The fee is $50 per athlete, make check payable to Mesabi East Area Nordic Ski Boosters.



GUTS WAIVER FORM  click here 



             T-SHIRTS are ordered from these forms, and will be ordered next week. 

             GIANTS RIDGE WAIVER - sign, date & return to Coach CJ. 

             COVID 19 - please follow the guidelines that were handed out. 


WORKOUTS:  Weekly workouts & events will be posted ont this site, under the GUTS page. 


EVENTS: We'll be planning our own events, since most are cancelled this summer. 




Cheri J - GUTS east side (Giant's Ridge / Mesabi East School Area) Cardio coach - running, cycling, hiking, bounding, etc.  Mon & Wed 


Andy L - GUTS super runner volunteer coach east side.  Andy will lead the top level runners. 


Jared A - GUTS east side. Certified Physical Trainer. Mesabi East. Strength / Core coach. Tues & THurs. (when school is open July 6?) 


Jon W -   GUTS west side (E-G school area, Fayal Pond, West Eveleth area) Cardio & Strength - running, weights, pole vault. Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs 


Alyssa R - GUTS west side volunteer coach, and alumni EG runner. 


Tara L -  Yogi Master on Mondays at Giants Ridge & Fridays at Monroe Park in Eveleth. 

2020 GUTS !!
May 28, 2020, 6:46 am


Friday, June 12 update: 


GUTS is a GO! 

This is open to all and any sport athlete's (7th grade & up)  from the area schools.  

Work outs will be held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays at varied times in varied places. 

Looking forward to getting 6 feet together! 

Hope to see your smiley faces on Tuesday June 16th, 6pm for the sign up / info & ice cream social. 


Covid 19 Protocol & Restrictions will be in place. 



Hello skiers, parents, and ski friends!


I hope that everyone is doing the best they can, with staying safe and healthy.  


The Covid 19 situation has certainly moved our world, into never seen before, extreme practices. 


My heart goes out to all student athletes and our senior skiers who missed out on their last hurrah in so many spring events. 


Dial into your physical needs, and pay attention to your mental health too. 


Life is messed up, but know that all of you will come out of this stronger, smarter & kinder. 


Let's keep praying, and hope for a positive outcome for everyone for the summer & fall seasons. 


Coach CJ 


 ** GUTS 2020 ** 

Currently, GUTS is in a holding pattern. 

The MSHSL is meeting today.  The latest news is that the summer coaching waiver has been pushed out to June 15th, but there aren't any other guidelines, cooridinating with that. 

The Covid 19 clarity - with High School sports - has been sparse so far. (youth sports are a seperate entity) 

Attached is a link to the National Federation of High School Sport Association and their guidelines as of May 15 2020.  

I'll update GUTS info as I learn more. 



National Federation of High School Sports 






Week # 17
Mar 3, 2020, 3:20 pm


    There are only Three Rules on this Team. 

1. Be a great person.  2. Be a great student.  3. Be a great athlete.   In that order. 



It was a great banquet - full of fun memories, good food & great laughs! Thank you all for coming and congrats to all of our skiers on a terrific season! 


Congrats to all of our Pepsi Challenge skiers! Over 20 skiers took part in the 8 & 25k races- WOW!!! What a sight- TEAM NEON! 


The skiing is still crazy awesome, hopefully you can find time for some Nordic March Madness!  



Tuesday, March 10th, from 5-7 pm at the South Chalet.

  Be ready to check things in, clean those wax pockets & dig through the lost & found box. 



2019 / 2020 Mesabi East Area Nordic Team Ski Awards

Most Improved Varsity Boy: Tylen

Most Improved Varsity Girl: Bella

Most Improved JV Boy: Noah A

Most Improved JV Girl: Chloe

Most Improved JH Boy: Noah M

Most Improved JH Girl: Aubree

Rookie of the Year: Connor

Ski Award “Success, Kindness, Inspirational” Tylen

Jessie Diggins “Going for the Gold” Award: Lydia 

2019 / 2020 Dan Zamlen Memorial Scholarships: Kevin H, Trinity L


Letter Award Recipients
































THANK you to all others!!

Coach Jack, Coach Austin, Coach Parker, Volunteers- Don & August, Jack G. Entire Booster Club peeps, Pepsi Deb, Benji, the Athletic Directors of ME, VA, EG, MIB, Dale & Sally Z, photographers Daninelle, Nancy & Ron, Grooming guys- Rich & Shucker, & our outstanding parents, for doing what YOU do best, to keep this team smiling. 

See ya on the trails! 


Coach CJ 

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