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Saturday February 04 2023 

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G.U.T.S + RANGE SUMMER RUNNERS = a darn good summer!
May 28, 2014, 6:32 pm



                   After some discussion, reorganzing & new ideas, the G.U.T.S. group is joining forces with the

                   "RANGE SUMMER RUNNERS"! 


                   We will be able to offer more outings, more activities, more fitness fun!  

                   Grab a friend from the E-G or VA or ME schools and get on board for an exciting summer! 






Summer Picnic / Training / Good Luck Seniors
May 19, 2014, 7:37 am


SKIERS - The end of the school year & summertime is right around the corner! Take a breath from all of your accomplishments so far, and put on your "ski hat" for some thoughts about summer training!  


Running, Roller-Skiing, Biking & Swimming- we will try to do it all with some goals to keep us on track.   Like past summers, this plan is flexible for you and your parents - I know how busy it can get-  with other activities & jobs.   "KEEPING IT FUN" is what we're after!  Let's get-together to see what schedules look like and make a plan from there.  



 WHAT:      Annual Summer Ski Team Picnic

 WHO:        Skiers / families & anyone else that is interested in summer fitness.  Bring a friend or two! 

 WHEN:      Tuesday, June 10th, 4:30 pm

 WHERE:    Giant's Ridge

 BRING:     A dish to share, running shoes, & a frisbee - if you have one.

 PROVIDED:  Chicken & Beverages


For a heads-up on roller skiing- check out: http://www.gearwest.com/rollerski101  


I still recommend the "Marwe" brand of roller skis.  Available at Finn-Sisu in St. Paul.  See other news on this site for more info on Marwes. Hoping to have some pairs of roller-skis within our team inventory for this summer's use.   


GOOD LUCK to all of our tracksters, softball players & golfers in the section tournaments.  It has been great to see & visit with most of you, during this (short) sport season!  


SUPER BEST WISHES to our senior skiers who make their way across that graduation stage next week too.   Sam, Emma, Julia & Johanna- you are all at the top of the coaches list, with thoughts of good luck and blessings, as you continue your path on the next stage of your life's adventure!


And... please join our family in celebrating Sam's graduation! 




Roller Skis & Glossy Paper = strong fast skiers + ski wax, ski trips!
Apr 27, 2014, 9:22 am

The second trip to Duluth to drop off the left over magazine pile from the Johnson shed. Filled the back of Ben's dump truck.

Total poundage from the Spring Magazine Drive = 18,668 lbs !! WAY to GO everyone!!


Thanks to the Iron Range Communities for supporting the ME / VA / E-G Nordic Ski Team!!!!








Skiers:  Roller skiing is a big part of our summer training!  Summertime is when it all begins for ski season 2014/15.

 The below information is where you can buy / order roller skis.  This brand- Marwe- is the best & easiest to use. 

If your'e purchasing roller skis for the first time, go with the skate ski: 590A.     



2436 Larpenteur Ave.
Lauderdale, MN 55113




Marwe Skate 590A Rollerski

Availability: In stock



The Marwe Skate 590A Rollerski is an economical skate rollerski. It is the same design as the Marwe 590A Combi Rollerski,

but without the clutch bearing (the part that makes the wheel ratchet and give you classic kick) in the front wheel, which allows a freer skating motion. 


  • Wider wheels for a more stable ride. Marwe wheels are known for their durability and wet grip--they will last you many seasons of hard training.
  • Shorter wheelbase for increased control.
  • Durable aluminum shaft. 
  • Shaft: Aluminum
  • Wheels: Rounded rubber, 80x40mm
  • Length: 590mm
  • Clearance: 29mm
  • Weight: 1,800g/Pair (Without Bindings)









The below picture is from Sunday's MDN. 


Spencer & Isaac, unloading & dumping magazines into the trailer at Saturday's Earth Fest.  This collection site was a success, as the trailer was pretty much full- to-the-top, when the Krog's made their way to Aurora for the Johnson house pick-up.  After filling the trailer to the max, and tarping it down, the box of the truck was filled next.  Plentiful boxes & bags of glossy paper still remain- to be loaded on another day- as the Krog's left without any spare room....  An early "guesstimate" would put the poundage over 14,000! 


It couldn't be done without you ski folks- spreading the word, putting out collection containers, and making stops to businesses & homes to collect paper for our team! 


THANKS to those that spent Saturday lending a hand!!! 


Magazine Drive Fundraiser
Apr 21, 2014, 8:37 am


It is piling up!


No....   not snow!   The GLOSSY MAGAZINES / PAPER collection! 


This publication isn't the oldest-found to date, but is- a fun find! (1959)   Last week we found  a magazine dated back to "1919".  WOW!! 




I can honestly say, this fundraiser if one of my favorites, because sooo many folks contribute to a great environmental cause, and a GREAT ski team!   We have had many people dropping off, and we are making many pick-ups.  What is fun, is all the kind words and support we get to hear from all the ski fans in this area.  We still got it "going on", in the off-season, and I hope you can join in the BIG MAIN COLLECTION at the 6th annual EARTH FEST!  


Here are the details:


What: 2014 Earth Fest Celebration

When:  Saturday, April 26th, 9-4pm

Who:  Skiers / Families  to help load & unload magazines into the trailer

More info: Contact the Greenlee Family, 229-2199


 Thanks to Tom & Lisa Krog for the continuation of this drive, and to the Greenlee's & the EARTH FEST committee-  for all the great advertising!


2014 Summer Training Goal # 1 : William Irvin 5k at Grandma's Marathon
Mar 27, 2014, 8:39 am


It's not to early to start thinking about your summer goals!


The 2014 G.U.T.S.- "Get UP Train SMART" endurance program / info is in the works... & is available for everyone (not just skiers). Goal # 1 is the William Irvin 5k, the kick-off race to Grandma's Marathon weekend - Friday, June 20th.  I am sure the snow will be gone- by then!!


Check it out and get registered asap.  Click on the link below!




                               FIRST GOAL :  



                                    SUMMER TRAINING 



















Mar 17, 2014, 6:34 pm




That's a wrap!                              


THANK YOU all for coming to our last team event.  The end of the season banquet was a lot of fun, and it was great to see everyone again!


THANKS to our team captain's  - Stephanie, Emma H, Sam, Paul, Reed - who started and finished the season with awesome ideas, weekly awards, leadership, and more.  There isn't anyone on this team who doesn't appreciate what you brought to our team this year!


THANKS to Dale & Sally Zamlen for providing the Dan Zamlen Memorial Scholarship.


THANKS to Ron & Craig for making the trip over- and still taking more photo's of our team!


THANKS to Jack Jeffery for being that special extra coach & USSA coach for our team.


THANKS to our volunteer coaches Jack Greenlee & Josh Peterson- you are always there at the right time!  


THANKS to our booster board for keeping our team on track with the fundraisers, spaghetti dinners, section & state meet lunches, gifts, banquet, etc.  and just being receptive to the needs of our team through-out the season.


THANKS to all of you parents and grandparents who continually support & encourage your skier in all ways possible....


and THANKS to all of you skiers, who put forth the effort, day in & day out, to make this team- one of the best ever! 


Looking forward to next year!


Cheri, Ben, Jenna & Mariah











Season ending News!
Mar 10, 2014, 9:27 pm

Who would of expected the warmest day of the season to hit us on our last day of "trail-togetherness?" 

  Sunny & 35 degree weather made our hot dog / smore roast very enjoyable and without the extreme-cold gear apparel, it was hard to recognize our team!  

 WinkIt was a lot of fun, and the snow made for a great outing of snowball throwing, hiking to the creek, and even some "snowmui" wrestling... It was really neat to share our last day with the Jr. Nordic Club too.  Our team captain's awarded these young skiers with the ME / VA / E-G ski hats- we hope they wear them proudly and know that they are all welcome back next year- with the club or better yet- transitioning to the team!   THANK YOU - Kim Norman and Jack Greenlee for being our fire-starters and roasting stick widdlers for this annual day!!


I have noticed that some of our skiers have still been using their skinny skis and you should- this is the best time of the year to ski!  Giant's Ridge will remain open until April 13th, and I am betting many other trails will be groomed till then also...


A Snoball Homecoming event was held Friday after the State meet.  The Nordic team had to design a wedding dress for skier Sam J.  Stick to skiing guys & gals!  There was a bevy of team spandex suits also gracing the Mesabi East school; I think I saw roller skis too!  It was double fun to hear about our skiers and their ski partners for the dance the next evening.  Friends till the end....  Sam & Josh cleaned up nice for their royalty duties- and the Nordic crowd was loud!


Speedy job to the skiers who completed the Book Across the Bay last month.  This has been a (Babich) tradition as of late, and glad that our skiers still are experiencing this unique ski race.


Congrats abound to our Pepsi Challenge ski racers and volunteers.  Thanks for supporting our local race!   Results are posted at http://www.skinnyski.com/.


Also receiving post-season ski kudo's is Anna J.  From the Junior National's in Stowe Vermont, Anna brought home 2 medals and earned "All American" status for placing in the top ten.

Anna placed 11th- 5k classic, 10th- sprints, 12th - 5k skate, & anchored her 3x3 skate relay to 5th place.   It was a very memorable time, and the Trapp Family Ski Lodge & Trails were a fantastic ski venue for this beautiful New England state. 


With the end of the season Banquet ahead of us- Sunday, March 16th, 6pm at the Biwabik Pavilion, there are a few items hanging out there...

- uniforms, equipment, warm-ups:  return these if you still have them.

- lost & found:  nice pair of lobster mitts, 1 salomon combi ski boot, black mittens, ski hats, etc.  Josh J. is missing his team jacket- anyone seen it?

- Potluck:   Please bring the following according to the first letter of your last name;

A-H--- Main dish

J-K--- Vegis or vegi dish

L-M--- Fruit or fruit dish




I hope you are all on your way to a great spring sports season- you know where I'll be- watching! 


See you Sunday at the banquet.  It will be a fun evening of memories, gifts, awards, video, raffles & more! 



  Senior skiers:  Emma & Sam                            Wedding dress??                         



                                                                      Closing up a great season!




It was a week to remember!
Feb 16, 2014, 12:07 pm

 Our team had a super week- all around- it felt like one big party!  From the JH / JV Championships- (nice job to all our young skiers), to the Pep Fest, Charlie Banks Relays, the State Nordic Banquet & Program at Mesabi East, to wrapping everything up with the State Meet on Thursday!  We've got it "going on"! 


The Pep-Fest was a super great show of our team members, thank you skiers- for making the effort to attend this recognition / send-off at Mesabi East.  Following that we had the State CB relays, where the guys team placed in the top 10, (8th) and garnered some neat hardware!  And, check out your favorite JV / JH skier's results from the Championships  at http://www.boreal.org/~durfee/jv_jh_champs_2_10_14.pdf .  It'll be fun to see all these first year & young skiers move on - next season!


The State banquet & program was well attended- 400 people- is an estimate, with comments of high satisfaction all-around!  Thanks to the parents & skiers who helped in every which way in preparing for this event.  It was really nice to see so many of our skiers participating as escorts, servers, etc.  for the night.  


Congrats to our 5 State skiers- WOW- what an ending!  Sam- 13th, Reed - 18th, Anna-15th, Emma H. - 17th, Emma G. - 31st.  This was the BEST representation I have seen at the State Meet for our team!  You put it all together, and finished near the top for all the skiers in Minnesota-  (and rocked that Section 7 list too)! For more pics & video of the pursuit, hit up http://www.skinnyski.com/racing/highschool/?season=2013#results



Just as the sun gets warmer, the days are longer, we will have to wrap things up for the season.... 


Our last hurrah is set for this Tuesday, Feb. 18th. 

                  We will have the anuual hot dog / smore' roast & games on the trail. 

                   Turn in uniforms / warm-ups also.   **The Junior Nordic Club  also meet, and this is their last session. **

                   ** There isn't any bus transportation from VA or E-G schools, so please carpool to Giant's Ridge. **

Stay tuned for a date for the end of the season Team Banquet....


It's been a successful season - in every which way!  Keep skiing till the snow melts!  


See everyone on Tuesday!

















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