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Saturday February 04 2023 

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Friday & Sunday UPDATES for WEEK #3
Jan 15, 2021, 9:44 am

There are only 3 rules on this team. 




In that order. 





Great racing by EVERY. SINGLE. TEAM. MEMBER. Yesterday!!  


A lot of great first time experiences, whether is was a first ski meet, ski racing in a new division, or just racing a 9.5k for the first time ever.  So many wonderful accomplishments, which made for a happy team and smiling coaches!


You'll find the results at  http://www.stevestiming.org/,  under the Race Results page there and on this site.  REsults may not be as quick as in past years, as Steve & Alicia are not actively timing the races this season.  Steve is handling all the start lists, while the host of the meet is doing the timing, and then submitting it to Steve to post online. 


THANK YOU to all who are putting on different hats as we plan and organize our 2021 ski meets! 


TEAMREACH is a new app the team is using this season.  The skiers will recieve the daily workout and ski tech videos via TeamReach. We will also use this communication method for last minute updates.

Parents, if you'd like to be in the group, please send Coach Johnson your cell phone number or email address.  We will no longer use the Remind app. 



These skiers were the recipients of "Captains Awards" from the Ely SKi Meet.  Captains Awards are a team tradition. After every ski meet, the Captains pick out skiers on our team, who have done something crazy, amazing, embarrassing, etc. at that ski meet.  The day after the race, these unknowing skiers are presented with some sort of prize.  Looks like Gatorade was the high priority sponsor of the week! ;) 

Lauryn - tripped a skier (twice) and still didn't beat her...

Mckenzie - A very dramatic crash at the finish line! 

Wren - ski equipment malfunction; her ski fell off during the race! 

NOah - ski racing with a bloody nose. 

Jakob - (not pictured) fell over sticks in the tracks. 


Allison Kate Photography (Danielle M -Skier Connor's StepMom) is back this season and taking beautiful race photos!  Check them out on our team Facebook Page, or her site here: 



It was fun to be back together in a competition setting, and we're moving on to the next race on Tuesday, Jan 19th. (now in Cloquet) 


MONDAY, JAN 18th - Ski practice "SKATE" for everyone 4-6 pm. There will be a ski practice bus on this day.  V / JV skiers bring your race Skate skis to the timing building between 3:30 - 4pm.  Our race wax techs will be waxing skis. :) Use your B skis, or find a pair of team skate skis to use at practice. 



TUESDAY, JAN 19TH : SKI MEET at Pine Valley in Cloquet. (THIS IS A CHANGE FROM THE SCHEDULED KORKKI NORDIC RACE)   Bus is loads ME at 9:30.  We will pick up all other skiers at the Super 8 in Eveleth. 

Spectators are allowed at this meet. Masks & Social distance protocols need to be in place. If you are driving your skier to ski meets this season, please

arrive at the venue around the same time as the bus.  Upon arrival, the kids ski their warm up with their groups - V/ JV/ JH. (Thanks!) 


                                                  Cross Country Skier Drawing Stock Illustrations – 52 Cross Country Skier  Drawing Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime


 NEW UPDATE from the MSHSL: 

Updated Nordic and Alpine Ski Mask/Face Coverings Information


The MSHSL learned this afternoon an additional exception has been added to the Mask/Face Covering Requirement language. This additional exception indicates flexibility around the wearing of masks/face coverings during the race portion of both Alpine and Nordic Skiing. Beginning today, the following statements should be applied to Alpine and Nordic Skiing.


  • Participants in Alpine and Nordic skiing must be masked at all times outdoors whenever 6 feet of social distancing cannot be observed.
  • In Alpine Skiing, participants should be masked at all times until they are in the starting gate. At this point, they are able to remove their mask/face covering if they so choose. Upon completion of the run, each participant should again be masked.
  • In Nordic Skiing, participants should be masked at all times until they arrive at the start line. At this time, they are able to remove their mask/face covering if they so choose. Upon crossing the finish line, participants should again be masked.
  • Recommended: Participants are encouraged to use neck gaiters or similar mask/face covering that can easily be moved from their face and then replaced after the completion of their competition.



WEEK #2 2021
Jan 11, 2021, 11:55 am


There are only 3 rules on this team. 




In that order.




Hello ski fans!

We are smoothing things out for the team, and we'll stay on that track this week with a few added items, along with the first ski meet of the season - Thursday, Jan. 14th in Ely.


As of today, there is a new SKI MEET SCHEDULE & SKI MEET BUS DEPARTURE TIME list.  These two pages are not set in stone, as we still don't have any further season information from the MSHSL.  


For our ski meets, the list of participating racers & their start times will be listed the evening before the race.  Parents, if you would like to transport your skier to any ski meet this season, please complete the ISD 2711 TRAVEL RELEASE FORM and return to Coach Johnson.  


The other new form is the TEAM UNIFORM & WARM UP FORM. Once your skier brings their uniform home, complete this form, and then submit via text or email to Coach Johnson. 



This week's list  - - - -


UNIFORMS & WARM UPS - will be issued. Your skier will receive these items. Please fill out the corresponding form listed on this site. Scan & email or text to Coach Johnson.  


CLASSIC EQUIPMENT- will be issued to our 1st & 2nd year skiers. 


ELY SKI MEET - at Hidden Valley Rec Area, 11 am start.  Varsity - Skate 9.5K, JV - Skate 5K, JH - Skate 3.3k.  Bus leaves Mesabi East at 7:30 am. We'll pick up all VA / EG / MIB skiers at the VA school, door #6 at 7:50 am.  Skiers need to be masked the entire time while on the bus, and seated in the same seat to and from the ski meets. 

Please see all info under the RACE INFO TAB. 

*If you are bringing your skier to the meet, please arrive 2 hours before the start time. 


We'll make it a great week!!


See ya on the trails! 



Recap of 1st day of Practice & more updates!
Jan 5, 2021, 12:38 pm


Hello Ski Friends!


We got the season kicked off with a great first day yesterday! It was crazy chaotic as usual, but ski smiles were happening!

From the school forms received (& most have come in) we have 39 skiers on the roster right now.


Here’s the breakdown: MIB – 2, VA – 15, EG – 4, ME – 18


Just a couple of notes pertaining to some upfront housekeeping duties…


Outgoing Forms: look for them today, they didn’t get out yesterday.


Forms to be returned to a coach: Skier / Parent information card; Medical Consent form; Ski Lease & payment if your skier is going on 3 years + (from 7th grade & up).


An Updated Ski Meet Schedule will be out at the end of this week.


Our indoor video training isn't happening this season, so I will be sending out learning video links via email l& text for our skiers, especially our newbie team. 

For skate skiing basics, click here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fh5DunRoV84


 Team Apparel / Fundraiser: Please consider a purchase as this is our only fundraiser this season. (Our traditional fundraisers are not happening due to Covid 19)

Inked Graphics has designed several neat team items – buffs, shirts, hoodies, warm up pants, along with a puffy jacket & vest. This online storefront ends on Sunday, Jan 10th. Here is the link to take a look and place an order: http://www.igp321.com/nordicski20/shop/home Any questions on this apparel order, contact Danielle M.


Borah Team Wear: Update - that everything should be delivered today.


Water Bottles: Water bottles are an extremely important necessity to have at practice. A regular bottle will be sufficient, to leave outside near your gear bag, but as a skier progresses, a waist belt water carrier is the best to have when skiing.

A few versions - drink belt: https://www.amazon.com/Swix-Drink-Holster-16-Ounce-Bottle/dp/B002I6JGBI or thermo insulated waist belt: https://www.newmoonski.com/product/swix-insulated-euro-drink-belt-5610.htm

Anything like these will work. Check them out online or find at your favorite ski shop.


Headlamps: Most days we are ending our skiing on the trails in the woods. It gets dark fast. Tucking a headlamp into a skier’s pocket on a daily basis would be super helpful.


Thanks to all of you for encouraging your skier(s) and supporting our team!


See ya on the trails.


2021 Ski Season !!
Jan 3, 2021, 11:36 am

Welcome skiers & families to the 2021 nordic ski season!


It’s been a long time coming, and we are excited to get rolling with what we do best- SKI !!


With Covid 19, the main goal of our season is still attached to keeping the team safe & healthy.   We will continue to follow the Covid 19 protocols of the MSHSL, MDH & Giant’s Ridge.

The most recent guidelines were posted on December 28th & Dec 30th. Please take time to read through these resources, the links are listed at the bottom of this update.


The routine for this first week of practice is all but routine. We will pull the whole plan together beginning Monday, Jan 4th and make necessary changes as we go.

Here is an outline to follow.


  • Practice begins at 4 pm and ends by 6 pm. Meet at the South Chalet. Registration forms should have been completed and turned in to your school Athletic Dept.   You need to bring a clearance slip to practice on Monday, Jan 4th in order to participate. No clearance form = no practice.  


  • Forms will be coming home with your skier on Monday. Please fill out & return to a coach. 


  • Please read the 2021 Team Handbook listed on this site.  Print out the final page, sign and return to a coach. 


  • Giant’s Ridge XC Trail Pass – also required. Purchase online.


  • Per Minnesota excecutive order, there is no indoor use of any ski buildings during Covid 19. Dress for the weather conditions, and keep extra warm gear needed in a bag.  All of your gear will be in your car or placed outside. 



  • Come dressed to ski- including ski boots, and MASKED UP. (there will be no changing into skiwear within the building). If you have a ski locker in the South Chalet, you will be able to access that and then exit outside.  (There is a door to enter (facing the Main Chalet) and a door to exit (facing the street) 

    Ski Bags will not be stored in the Chalet basement this season. You will be transporting your bag daily to practice. 

       * New skiers, you will receive all your ski equipment on Monday* 


  • Your ski bags will be kept outside during practice, find an area to claim as your own, 6 feet from others. 


  • We will not meet inside for a practice plan. All information will be online and updated as needed. Practices will be texted daily to the V / JV ski group.


  • Workout Pods will be established, along with a daily checklist for attendance, health questions, etc. Records regarding all of this will be kept. 


  • No social gatherings of any sort are to take place inside or outside.



Other need to know items:


Ski Practice Bus Transportation for VA / EG / MIB skiers: Leave the VA school, (door # 6) at 3:15, then pick up EG skiers at the Gilbert Jr. High and continue to Giant’s Ridge. MASKS NEED TO BE WORN at all times. The return route is the same, leaving Giant’s Ridge at 6 pm.

Ski Practice Bus Transportation for ME skiers: is on hold, until we find out how many of our younger skiers are on this years team.

Carpooling: a family pod is best, but if you need to carpool with others from the team, MASK UP.

Team Ski Equipment- will be fit for our new skiers first, followed by our 2nd year, third year etc. Ski bags will also be provided. There is no charge for new & 2nd year skiers. If you are a 3rd or 4th year skier, a season equipment lease fee of $75.00 is issued for all full sets of equipment used. Make a check out to ME Nordic Boosters.

Racing uniforms and warmups will be handed out this week.

An end date to our season, along with a section or state meet are still questions that need to be answered by the MSHSL.

An updated team & Section 7 ski meet schedule is in the works, as well as a ski meet bus transportation schedule and ski meet transportation options are forthcoming as well.

Borah Team Wear company was closed for the holiday until Jan 4th. I never received a tracking number for the shipments, only an updated email that everything was to be shipped the week of Dec 22.

The ski team apparel purchase / fundraiser is open to all ski friends until Jan. 10th. (link below)

Looking ahead, our first ski meet is on the calendar: January 14th, in Ely at Hidden Valley, Classic technique. Our competitors will be Ely & Grand Rapids.


The ski trails are shaping up and us coaches are excited to get back to coaching and instructing in person.

Once we shake out all the bugs, we know we can make this all work!


Contact coach Johnson if you have any questions or concerns.


Cheers to skiing and racing!





Team Ski Apparel: http://www.igp321.com/nordicski20/shop/home


Nordic Ski, Boys & Girls Guidance and Information file: https://www.mshsl.org/sites/default/files/2020-12/mshsl-nordic-ski-guidance-and-information-12_30_20.pdf


Coivd-19 Sports Practice Guidance for Youth & Adults – https://www.health.state.mn.us/diseases/coronavirus/sportsjan4.pdf



Covid-19 Youth and Executive Order 20-103 – https://www.health.state.mn.us/diseases/coronavirus/sportsguide.pdf


Dec 17, 2020, 8:10 am


GOOOD news!


The MSHSL & Gov W gave winter sports the green light! 


In person practices may begin on January 4th, so we'll get our team stuff rolling (again) with this new direction.  Covid precautions in all aspects will surround us and keeping skiers, coaches & families safe and healthy is still our number one goal.  

There is another MSHSL meeting today, we'll find out more details for winter sports - how many ski meets, when they can begin, etc. 




If your skier has not completed the registration forms from your perspective school, you need to get those done and back to your AD before Christmas break begins. (Dec 23-Jan 3)  No forms = no practice on Jan 4th.  Download the forms, fill out & retrun to your school ASAP. 


Links for paperwork: 


Mesabi Easthttps://www.isd2711.org/index.php/athletics/forms-and-registration


VA: https://rrps.org/schools/virginia-secondary-school/virginia-activities/


EG: https://rrps.org/schools/eveleth-gilbert-senior-high/eghs-activities/


MIB: per AD Luke W. 

MIB has all our athletic forms in our lobby at the H.S. If students want to print them off at home we have them go to the MSHSL web site. https://www.mshsl.org/




Per yesterday's note from Borah, the team items should (now) be shipped by the end of this week.  



Our usual Xmas party / Winter Solstice celebration will take place, albeit in a different manner.  We'll try to capture some of our fun when we can officially get together in January.  

Until then, the best and or ugliest Christmas Sweater contest will be virutal.  Submit a pic of yourself, in your Christmas sweater to Coach CJ by 6 pm on Monday, Dec. 21. (Winter Soltice) 


NEED to SKI somewhere different? 


GANC at Spirit Mtn is happening with good snow cover and set tracks. 


SNOWFLAKE is also maintaining its base and their groomers are always on top of their game, working the snow and more. 


PINE VALLEY has lots of tree shade, so their skiing is still going well too. And Coach Ben is a groomer fanatic too. 


Keep up on that SNOWDANCE folks, we need SNOW!! 


Looking forward to seeing lots of SKI SMILES on Jan 4th!! 


See ya on the trails, somewhere, from a distance.


Looking for Snow, Sunshine & Smiles!
Dec 2, 2020, 12:06 pm


 morning ski on the Bronze 




Hello ski friends! 


The first official unofficial day of VR team togetherness was Monday, Nov 30th.


We visited over ZOOM! We planned over ZOOM! We talked about the Covid ups & downs, over ZOOM.  

It was pretty special & downright awesome, to connect with so many wonderful ski people on ZOOM! 

In a nutshell, it felt (almost) right. 

We'll take what we can get! 


Tuesday, we got to work in beginning our "virtual practices".  

But before we got that far, us coaches had to think, think, think.  WHAT? HOW? REALLY? 🙃

Alright, we got something rolling, to keep our skiers  1. SAFE , 2. HEALHTY , 3. FIT , 4. HAPPY , & 5. SMILING. 


Let the VR begin!


Super long GROUP TEXTS. ✅








We're going after all that we can, while keeping everyone safe. 

Check out our new VR TRAINING Page!

Weekly optional workouts are listed, and there's a Mom & Dad division too! 


Let's keep up on that #SISU! 


 Let it SNOW!! 


See ya on the trails. 


From a distance.  😉


MSHSL Nov 18 2020 UPDATE
Nov 19, 2020, 11:19 am

Hey ski fans - 🥰 


This is the recent status for the official ski season as of Nov 18th.


Beginning Nov 21, all MSHSL organized sports are "on pause" until Dec 18th. 


Below is the link with more information. 


Do your best part in keeping everyone safe.  MASK UP. SOCIAL DISTANCE. WASH YOUR HANDS.  NO LARGE GROUP ACTIVITY. 


Skiing is still happening -  so get out and do it.  It's been pretty awesome to see the photos of everyone doing their part, and working out on their own and or/ with a ski buddy or two.  Remember that this set back, will make all of us stronger, for everything we do, once we get to the other side. 


IF you need equipment, or any additional equipment, contact Coach CJ.  Get your ski pass, if you are skiing at GR.  


More guidance from the MSHSL will be forthcoming on Nov 20th,  please check in for the updates. 


See you on the trails. 





Let it snow soon!!
Oct 14, 2020, 9:05 am


Hello ski fans!

I hope everyone is getting ready for the upcoming skinny ski season!  Just this morning, snowflakes were falling and the snow guns were out in position at our favorite winter home - Giant's Ridge.  ✔️



  Tuesday Morning Oct 20 2020   



The 20/21 ski season is going to be Covid different. How different? We don't know the details yet.  The MSHSL will be releasing winter sports updates on October 30th. 


WHAT WE DO KNOW as of now:


* The first day of practice is set for Nov. 30th, and will run till mid Feb or end of Feb??? 



    CAPTAINS Lydia, Stephanie, Nick:  this is where you come in.  Round up the V / JV troops on your group chat to schedule: roller ski & run, strength & core. 

                                                                         MAKE. IT. COUNT.   😊


 * We will not have a preseason meeting.  Please fill out all athletic forms and turn them into your AD before Nov. 30th. 





Purchase your Giants' Ridge nordic ski pass online here:    



 * Our meets will be changed up, and our biggie, the ME Invite is off the schedule. 


 * If you need any new ski equipment, go get it ASAP!! Call Coach Johnson before you set out to purchase. 


 * We would like to add another coach to our staff, mainly in the first year / Jr High category.  If anyone is interested or you know someone who is, contact Coach Johnson. 


 * The team storefront is open and will close on Nov. 12th.   This apparel is from Borah and includes the red team jacket, hat, buffs.  Items are updated with the new ROCK RIDGE logo! All apparel items are optional. Click here for the order form. https://mesabieast.itemorder.com/  




 * Your coaches- Austin, Jack & Cheri (along with all the other awesome Section7 coaches) are up to the Covid challenge, and will make this season one of the best! 


Check back here, & on the team's Facebook & Instagram pages for updates.  

Stay healthy and be well! 


See you on the trails! 

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