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Saturday February 04 2023 

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2nd Week of SKi PraCTice!
Nov 15, 2014, 11:24 am


Enough of this!  Short but sweet memories of last week's dry - land training!        



How LUCKY are we- to have the recent COLD weather & SNOW (making) at Giant's Ridge this early in the season?!! 


Get your ski clothing & equipment ready, we will be on skis at Monday's practice! 


** If your skier has outgrown any of their equipment, we could certainly re-use it within our team inventory, or a skier may be interested in purchasing.  Bring to a practice, w/ a price you'd like to get.  **


VA / E-G parents, I can't say thanks enough to all of you, for providing transportation last week.  The car-pooling has worked out so far.  Cross your fingers & call your school - about that ski bus!  :)



Here is what we have going on this next week... 


SKI EQUIPMENT will be fitted for our new skiers, and theirs to use for the season.


- SKI BAGS:  need to start thinking of purchasing one... doesn't have to be fancy. Just make sure it is at least 210 cm long. Double bag will have more room for 2 sets of skis & poles.  Single bags will do the trick, it is just a bit tight.  The Giant's Ridge snow shop has them, (15 % discount). Or check out a favorite online site for disounted wares:  Sierra Trading Post.com .  Here is a link to a great bag.   http://www.sierratradingpost.com/high-sierra-double-nordic-ski-bag~p~8278j/?filterString=s~ski-bags%2F&colorFamily=01  We also have some odd & end bags within our team stuff.  Ask for one from a coach.  Remember to put some sort of name tag on your bag.


- SKI STORAGE: our team does have a shed at Giant's Ridge to store skis / poles, so the kids do not need to transport them everyday.  Need ski bags to contain them.  Ski boots are brought home daily.


- WAIVERS: from Giant's Ridge- these are a must for skiing- Get them in asap!


- PASSES :  check your emails for the group purchase option.  See Coach Johnson if a scholarship is needed.


- SKI CLOTHING:  baselayer, hats, mitts, windpant / jacket.   socks- should have some wool in them.  Dressing in layers is always best.  You can peel them off if you get warm!


- CLEARANCE FORMS & HANDBOOK signature page:  get em in!


Let me know if you have any questions!

Coach Cj




First day of Practice- Tuesday, Nov. 11
Nov 7, 2014, 9:10 am

 Skiers & Parents!


A couple of updates regarding our first day of practice - is Tuesday, Nov. 11.


1) Meet:  at Mesabi East School, 4 pm.  Practice will run till about 5:30.  (Giant’s Ridge is closed due to the holiday)

2) Bring: running shoes, tights / pants, hat, gloves, etc. & a piece of blaze orange clothing if you have some, a water bottle.

3) Bring: your BFF- if they aren’t involved in anything this winter!     

4) Bring: your  Clearance Slips (from your AD office)  





Transportation for our EG (8 skiers) & VA (13 skiers) will not be available from the school for our dry-land practices.


This is a big concern of mine, and I haven’t been able to resolve anything with either the EG or VA school.    


Parents- please contact your prospective Athletic Director, Principal or Superintendent and see if you can help in the resolution of this problem.  As long as I have been coaching, a bus has been provided for the Nordic & Alpine teams.   I am crossing my fingers that this is just a small hiccup for our team, and we’ll have a ski practice bus soon.

*If carpooling is necessary, ask your AD who is on the team from your school for other skier / parent contact information. * 


The weather is looking promising, someone must be doing their snow dance!      




See everyone on Tuesday!


Hello & Forms !
Nov 4, 2014, 2:04 pm


 From our favorite online ski site....   SKINNYSKI.com  http://www.skinnyski.com/


 Snow Season Ramping Up
November 5, 2014
Parts of central Minnesota and northern Wisconsin were expected to receive 1-3" of snow by Thursday morning. And forecasters are already hinting at another snowmaker, perhaps with much larger amounts, coming early next week.






Hello to the 2014 / 2015ME / VA / EG Nordic Ski Team!


It was great meeting all of you new skiers & parents - and catching up with our current skiers & families on Sunday! 


This email is just a reminder from me & your school athletic directors, to stop in to your school office, with your winter sports forms - to get your clearance slips ASAP.  This is also a way for them to coordinate transportation with our upcoming practice needs. 


Skiers- if you know of anyone that is interested in skiing with us, pass this message on, and bring them along to our first practice-Tuesday, Nov.11th 4pm.  Place to be determined yet.


The weather forecast is predicting a bit of cold & snow this weekend-  just in time!     


If anyone has questions or concerns, please call or email me.


It’s going to be a fantastic ski season!



Cheri Johnson

Coach, ME / VA / E-G Nordic Ski Team

218 229-2413, 218 750-7904

Hello & Welcome: Skiers, New skiers, and Parents!
Oct 29, 2014, 9:02 am

Hello skiers & families!


It is that time of year again!!  I hope everyone has enjoyed the (off-season), and is ready to get on board for another fantastic ski season!


** Our annual Pre-Season Meeting will be held this Sunday, Nov. 2, at 6 pm, at the Mesabi East School, in the large commons. **


This is a required meeting for me to have, so I hope that all of you can make it.  We will be covering the season schedule, policies & procedures, etc. 


Along with all of that, we will be serving up a SLOPPY JOE supper- so come and listen to us coaches, visit with your team members, and get pumped up for the 2014 / 15 season! 


Team Captains:  bring your ideas & suggestions so we can add them to our schedule!


New Skiers – we need em!  Gather your friends- tell them to get off the bench or couch- and check us out!



Some other notes…


  • A huge shout out to all of you who have finished your fall sport- football, tennis, volleyball & soccer.  Keep moving, to maintain your fitness base, for the first day of practice! 


  •  First day of ski practice will be Tuesday, Nov. 11th.  At Mesabi East School.  (Giant’s Ridge is closed on this day, due to the holiday).


  • Good Luck to our skiers who are heading off to the State CC Meet this Saturday!  Reed, Austin, (Lovaas), Emma G. and the rest of the E-G boys CC team.  Cheer loudly- all of you E-G CC girls - who will be the State Cross Country Meets biggest fans, hands down!   


  • For all of you left, uh huh, the Swimmers…  Train right with your tapers, stay healthy, and make some waves in the pool next week at your section meet!!



  • Giant’s Ridge Ski Patrol will be holding their yearlyski swap, this Friday & Saturday. Hours are: Friday, October 31, 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. & Saturday, November 1, 9 a.m - 1 p.m.  Got equipment to sell? Equipment Check-In for Sale: Thursday, October 30, 5 - 7 p.m. & Friday, October 31, 10 a.m. – noon Equipment Pick-Up: Saturday, November 1, 1 - 3 p.m.



Can’t wait to see all your happy faces! 


Let it SNOW!!

Sign up / Pre-season Meeting / Sloppy Joe Supper !
Oct 13, 2014, 1:42 pm



 Sign up / Pre-Season Meeting / Sloppy Joe Supper

            for all new & returning skiers and parents.  

 Sunday, Nov. 2, 6pm in the large commons at Mesabi East School.

 No experience needed.  Ski equipment can be provided.  Transportation to Giant's Ridge from the schools.

Come find out what this fun team is all about! 






The 2014 West Yellowstone Ski Trip is now posted! (10/6/14)  

An email was sent to your parents, but here is the link, if you did not get the document.    



If you are going- sign up asap- send in forms & deposit to address listed.This trip filled up very quickly the last couple of years!   

Email or call coach Johnson with questions.



WEST YELLY info !!
Sep 23, 2014, 11:32 am

 The 2014 West Yellowstone Ski Trip is now posted! (10/6/14) 



An email was sent to your parents, but here is the link, if you did not get the document.  




If you are going- sign up asap- send in forms & deposit to address listed.This trip filled up very quickly the last couple of years!  


Email or call coach Johnson with questions.





UPDATES  (as of Tuesday, 9/30)


- 9440 pounds was the official weigh in for our Fall Magazine Drive.   YA HOO!


- Congrats to the guys on our team:  Ryan, Wolfie, Paul, Spencer & Chaz.  These guys will be participating in this week's Mesabi East Fall Homecoming! 


- PreSeason / Sloppy Joe Supper & Meeting:   for new & current skiers and parents.  Sign up, Season & Team info to be presented, along with meeting your coaches! 


         DATE: SUNDAY, NOV. 2. 6pm.

       PLACE:  MESABI EAST SCHOOL, in the large  commons


        Questions?  Call Coach Johnson, 229-2413






Summer is back??! 

Hope everyone is enjoying the last few days - the snow can come- on the first day of practice. End of that story.....


The Fall Magazine Drive was a HUGE success!  The biggest fall drive ever to date!  Not sure of the exact poundage yet, but here is a picture from the Krog trailer.  Full to the brim.  THANKS to all for collecting, saving, & helping spread the word for this fundraiser.  Many kudo's to Tom & Lisa, Sandy & Karen for their help on Friday. .




Some upcoming events and information to watch for:


West Yellowstone Ski Trip Information - trip is Friday, Nov. 22 - Sat. Nov. 29. Sponsored by our ski friends of Duluth East.

• ME/ VA/ E-G Nordic Ski Team / Parents Information Meeting - Sunday, Nov. 2nd.  Place / Time to be determined.

•  First day of practice - Tuesday, Nov. 11




Fall Magazine Drive & ... Snow ??
Sep 9, 2014, 9:49 am


Ok, so someone recently mentioned that word ... (SNOW) and got me thinking about our team- and how much fun and success we had last season, throughout all the (COLD) and snow that we encountered!  The days are getting shorter, and with hopes of an early snowfall - it won't be long and we'll be back together on those skinny skis!      


With the second week of school in action, the fall MAGAZINE DRIVE is upon us.

Tell your friends, family, co-workers to clean out those closets, attics & garages of magazines, catalog and glossy paper.  The big drop off is this week, Friday, Sept. 12th, 4-7 pm in Virginia, at the Village Inn / Herbergers Parking lot. 

This fundraiser is a win win for us ($ for ski trips, wax, etc) and our environment!  For questions, call Sandy Tardiff - 229-2199, or Lisa Krog - 744-1293.  Thank you for your support!



From the news, I have seen a bit of fall sports action results - and glad to see so many of you involved in swimming, soccer, running, tennis, volleyball & football.  If you're not involved in an organized sport, our team has roller skis available for use - if you'd like to tune-up those ski muscles!



Good Luck and keep up the great friendships when competing against your (ski )teammates from the ME, VA & EG schools!






Aug 4, 2014, 7:36 am




When: Saturday, Aug. 16th.

Leave: Eveleth school at 9:15 am

Bring: Running gear, swimsuit, towel & your appetite!








Note a few changes ahead for this week- and lots of events to choose from! 


Mark your calendars for two important dates next week:


  - MON. AUG. 11th- fall school sports start !!

  - SAT. AUG. 16th - the super fun McCarthy Beach outing!







4 Aug Mon      8:30-10:30 a.m.           E-G Weight Room and Gym     Wagner                 780-7813

4 Aug Mon      6:30-8:30 p.m.             E-GHS Run to Wag’s Food!       Hawley                 248-5861


5 Aug Tue        ***No Practice, Cross Country Coaches Clinic***


6 Aug Wed      8:30-10:30 a.m.           E-G Weight Room + Frisbee        Wagner                780-7813

6 Aug Wed      5:15-7:00 pm  *carpool from Eveleth-5pm*  E-GHS 400’s at Virg. Track   Hawley & Wag       248-5861


7 Aug Thu        8:30-10:30 a.m.           E-G Gym B-Ball Contests            Wagner                780-7813

7 Aug Thu        4:30 - 6:00 pm *kayak is cancelled*   Running/Bounding - Giant’s Ridge  Johnson       750-7904


8 Aug Fri          8:30-10:30 a.m.           E-G Weight Room + Frisbee        Wagner                780-7813


9 Aug Sat        9 a.m., LongyearLake Fun Run/Walk 5K,

                                  @ Chisholm http://www.longyearlakefunrun5k.wix.com

9 Aug Sat        9 a.m., Merritt Days 5K/7K/10K Run/Walk

                                  @ Mt.Iron, salpeterangelo@yahoo.com

9 Aug Sat        9 am     HillCity Quadna Triathlon

                                  @ HillCity:  http://hillcityminnesota.com (canoe/bike/run)


11 Aug Mon    ***Start of the Cross Country Running, Swim & Soccer Season! ***


16 Aug Sat      10 a.m., Trail Run/Swim/Picnic at McCarthyBeachState Park in Side Lake, MN


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