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Saturday February 04 2023 

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Preseason Meeting - Sun. Nov. 6th :)
Oct 12, 2016, 8:15 am


FALL MAGAZINE UPDATE:  1st load to Verso =  10,700 lbs.

                                        2nd load to Verso =  3,620 lbs.


Grand Total for collection of glossy paper   =   14, 320 lbs.  

THANK YOU to all who saves paper for us, and to those that load & unload into the trucks & trailers! 

Keep saving, our spring drive will be in April! 



Skiers of the ME / VA / EG team- we have an INVITATION!

This is from the staff at Giant's Ridge.

"You are cordially invited to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony for the official Grand Opening of the new chalet at Giants Ridge, on behalf of Mesabi East VA / EG Nordic ski team.

 The ribbon cutting will be at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, October 21 at Giants Ridge, followed by refreshments. Please join us at 1:00 p.m. to dedicate this new facility to the Iron Range people and communities." 


 * Let's meet at 12:45 at the old chalet. Wear your team jacket! *


Ski Fans!

The 2016/17 Nordic Ski Season will get a head start with the preseason meeting on

Sunday, Nov. 6th, 6 pm, at Giant's Ridge, in the South Day Chalet. (old chalet)

Mark your calendars, bring a friend, and practice that snow dance routine!

First day of practice is Monday, Nov 14th. Ya Hooo!!   



2016 West Yelly Trip Info is out!! They're out! The 2016 West Yellowstone Ski Trip Forms! This trips fills up super fast, so do
Oct 2, 2016, 1:00 pm


They're out! The 2016 West Yellowstone Ski Trip Forms! 

This trips fills up super fast, so download, sign & mail in your deposit ASAP! The cost is $610 up front per skier.  (The ME/VA/EG booster club gives out $100 scholarships towards this trip, so the final cost is $510.

Checks will be issued the first week of practice). Here is the link to the Duluth East ski website for all necessary WY forms. https://www.eteamz.com/denordic/  & a link to the WY Ski Festival site: http://www.skirunbikemt.com/yellowstone-ski-festival.html 


We've been going on this trip for several years!  Just ask anyone who has attended - why- they keep going back and you'll get filled in!  


We go to West Yelly because...

   -  they have EARLY SNOW, and LOTS of it! 

   -  beautiful trails with PERFECT grooming! 

   -  skiing lots of K's with your friends in the morning, and awesome COACHING sessions in the afternoon!

   -  THE SKI EXPO!!  THANKSGIVING DINNER & TALENT SHOW!  Week long funny contests!  

   -  SKi tour to the PARK & RIVER day!

   -  the FREE HEEL & WHEEL SKI shop!! 

   -  nothing better than 19 hours of riding, sleeping & watching movies on the bus! 

   -  WALMARTS- we know em.  Especially like the Bozeman stop for grocercies! 

   -  And then there is everyone's top favorite... HOMEWORK DAY!   

    Tongue Out

   The best part of the annual West Yelly Trip, (besides skiing our brains out),  is really all the new friendships that are made with sooo many other great nordic people!

   (all this thanks to Duluth East coaches Bonnie / Dave Kask !!) 


     Nuff said. Sign up.  ASAP!!



     Last year's ME / VA / EG  West Yelly Crew                                                                                                                    


               60 + k of trails! 







Feels like FALL!!!
Sep 20, 2016, 3:31 pm


  Hello SKI FANS!


  Things are happening in the (pre season) of ski season for the coaches, the ski booster club and at Giant's Ridge!  


  I KNOW things are happening for you skiers too, as the updates unfold on your school's social media pages & local newspapers- of who is doing what, where, when & how!

  Keep those fall coaches happy, and always...    




  The results will surface at the right time, AND ... you'll be ready for the 2016/2017 ski season!  :)     



   Those "things" that are front & center:  


  Friday, Sept. 30th, 4-6 pm at the Village Inn Parking Lot.  Volunteers are needed to unload.  This is a super successful TEAM FUNDRAISER that helps our team with ski trips, apparel, wax & more.

  Please call Sandy Tardiff at 229-2199 to sign up. 



  No, the info isn't posted (yet), but like our team's FaceBook page for (soon) upcoming posts.

  The date of this trip is Friday, Nov. 18 - Sat. Nov. 26, and open to skiers who have skied 2 full seasons on the team or a Varsity skier with one year on the team. (usually 9th grade & up)     

  Duluth East now charters 3 busses - that's how popular this trip is!  We graciously jump on, with other skiers from other schools like: DE, Ely, Two Harbors, Grand Rapids, Bemidji, Brainerd, Duluth Denfeld, etc.

  Last year's trip cost was: $605.00.  The team booster club gives out $100.00 scholarships to each skier who attends the WY ski trip.  This fee covers everything but 3 meals. 

  This trip fills up SUPER fast.  First come basis.  If you are interested, and / or have questions, call Coach or talk to the captains who have attended:  Josh, Anna, Emma, Lynnette.  

  Snow watch & more at this site: http://www.skirunbikemt.com/yellowstone-ski-festival.html  & check out their FB page too! 



  Our team will have a real home this season!  The South DAY Chalet! Take a look! First day of practice: MONDAY, NOV 14th! 










Mesabi Trail Bike Tour- Let's go!! Congrats to Mr. Jack Jeffery!
Jun 30, 2016, 8:46 am


SKIERS and families! Look what is coming up!

The 12th Annual Mesabi Trail Bike Tour!! SATURDAY, AUGUST 6th !

Many of you have done this tour for several years, it would be great to get more skiers on wheels- and add to our team of SKI RIDERS!  This is a tour - not a race.

Pick your distance - 12, 25, 48, or 67 miles!  This tour has the BEST rest stops (every 10 or so miles) of fun, food & entertainment!  Not to mention the beautiful trail system under your wheels. You can do this event for free- Mesabi Masonry is a sponsor, just contact Coach CJ for an entry.

** if you need a bike, let coach know- we'll get you set up on one ** !! 

Info is all in the entry / brochure, and here is the website for more details.  http://www.mesabitrail.com/trail-activities/tour/







Not enough words can describe how much teaching, wisdom, caring and more, that Coach Mr. Jack Jeffery has provided in 45 + years of coaching service!

From laying the foundation of the Nordic ski communities within A-HL, Mesabi East, & USSA, he was (& still is) continuously directing and improving the distinction of our sport in countless ways.  Last night, Jack was honored and inducted into the 2016 Mesabi East Hall of Fame. 

We are proud and thankful, to have this incredible guy on our team.


                                                       CONGRATUALTIONS JACK !!




Hey Ski Fans! 


It's been great to see so many of you out & about!  Keep it up- the running, swimming, biking, roller skiing, lifting!  YA HOO for all of you!  

Your ski coaches (& fall sport coaches) appreciate all your hard work!  


There are a couple of items to share lately...


CONGRATS!!  And proud blessings to MR. JACK JEFFERY - "USSA Coach / Legendary Coach / All Around Godfather of the ME / VA / EG Nordic Ski Team" for the 2016 Hall of Fame honor that will be bestowed upon him

on Friday, July 1 at the Mesabi East HS, as part of the East Range All Class Reunion.  JACK - we're so glad you are a part of our team!! 





It's June- school is out for summer!
Jun 6, 2016, 9:43 am


* Congrats to all of our skiers for finishing up another year and really big CONGRATS to our skiers that graduated last week. 

We will miss all of you and know that you are welcome to join us anytime at the Ridge or on a ski trip! 

It will be exciting to see where your next journey takes you- and good luck at your college of choice! 

Spencer- Mankato State, Kaitlyn B - St. Cloud State, Katelyn L - St. Olaf, Anna A - U of M- Twin Cities, Nadine- back to Switzerland & Kaja- returning to Norway.


For our returning team members- remember the mantra...  "SKIERS ARE MADE in the SUMMER"!  Get out with your off-season friends to Bike, Run, Swim, Lift, Roller Ski, Yoga & more.  

From today, Monday, June 6 there are: 5 months & 8 days or if your marking your calendar ... 161 days until 

the first day of ski practice!  :)
PS- I hope your skis are covered in storage wax and lovingly tucked away till November 14th! 





* We'd love your support and / or come join us! 

         Pedal to Build a Cycle of Hope! 

Coaches Cheri, Mariah & Josh, along with skier Anna J are all riding in the Habitat 500 this summer! 
This ride is all about providing affordable homes to those in need. 
Interested? Here a few details: July 10-16, 2016,500 miles. 7 days. (& an overnight stop in Aurora!) 135 participants. (23 spots remain for the 2016 Habitat 500) Want to learn more or donate online? click on this link:http://habitat500.huterra.org/
With God's word and our work, we can make a difference! 
Ride on! :) 



* IT IS DONE! (for now) :) 


The spring magazine drive was completed in two halves! The first drop off consisted of 12,020 lbs. After unloading the Virginia warehouse and Johnson's woodshed, the second load weighed in at 10,840 pounds.(with 10 boxes left over)


The Spring final total of magazines... 22,860 pounds! Congrats to Josh Jones for winning the Toko Belt (closest guess without going over) and huge THANKS to all who helped fill the trailer for round 2!



**  Keep saving that glossy paper- we'll be at it again at the end of September! **

As ADeLe would say .... HALLO !
Apr 20, 2016, 9:44 am


update as of TUESDAY, MAY 17. 

MAGAZINE COLLECTION UPDATE  from Sandy Tardiff !!   :)  



Earthfest magazine collection (Round 1) went so well (12,020 lbs!!), that we are going to do it again!!


Tom & Lisa Krog are ready to fill that trailer again this Wednesday, May 18th (tomorrow!) at 4 PM in Virginia. Anyone who can, please come help!!! We have a mailman friend who has been stockpiling glossy paper for us, and we need your help to clean out this warehouse.


WHERE: Rapid Rental, 1504 4th Street South, Virginia MN
It's near the Highway 169 & 53 interchange, off of Hoover Road.


Please come and lend a hand if you can!
Sandy Tardiff
229-2199 home phone
780-9802 text




 (update: 4/26/16)


The spring Magazine drive was a success!

But we aren't done- we have more unloading and loading to do, after this first trailer is delivered to the paper plant.

THANK YOU to all who came to the Earth Fest, to share your big muscles & warm hearts, to our ever-dedicated glossy paper savers!!

Guess the total poundage amount we'll eventually finish with, and win a new Toko water belt. (hint: 2015 spring = 28,000 lbs)

Leave your answer under "comments" on the team's Facebook page! 







Spring has finally arrived... I've seen the results from your spring activites in the news.   Keep your fitness gig going, you all know the team mantra:  


                " SKIERS are MADE in the SUMMER! "




But first- please take note of our biggest team fundraiser that is happening this Saturday, April 23 at the Iron Range Earth Fest, and take a look at a running camp that is  sponsored by UMD.



This team fundraiser is happening this Saturday April 23 and we are in need of skiers / parents to help unload magazines & glossy paper from our local patrons.

Place: Merritt Elementary in Mt. Iron. Scheduled time frame is 10-3. Call Sandy at 229-2199 to sign up for an hour or two.

Thank you for your support & see you Saturday! 






UMD RUNNING CAMP in Duluth! August 5,6,7.  Find out all the details here: http://umdrunningcamp.com/








It's a wrap! End of Season Banquet was GREAT !!
Feb 22, 2016, 8:55 am


It was wonderful to connect with skiers and their families at our end-of-season banquet yesterday! We were glad to share our memories with all of you, and we are looking forward to creating many more in the 2016/17 ski season!

Our evening was full of good food, great conversation, heartfelt stories, funny gag gifts (thanks to our Senior Captains!), deserving awards and gracious thank you's.  

This team takes "a village" - and I thank everyone who lends a hand throughout the snow / ski season, and to those that contribute during the off season!  

Coach Cj


THANK YOU 's & recognition:




Letter Awards were received by 23 skiers!  Your attitude, dedication, determination and hard work was front & center all season long.

Way to Go!


2016 MSHSL Nordic State Ski Meet Awards:  Emma, Anna J, Spencer, Josh 

2016 MSHSL Nordic All State Award:  Anna J 

2015/16 Most Improved Boy Varsity Skier: Chaz

2015/16 Most Improved Girl Varsity Skier: Anna G. 

2015/16 Most Improved Boy JH Skier: Tylen 

2015/16 Most Improved Girl JH Skiers:  Hannah & Callie P 

2015/16 Rookie of the Year:  Brandon

2015/16 SKI Award "Success, Kindness, Inspirational": Katelyn L.  





Much THANKS to the following individuals...  


COACHING STAFF:  Mariah Peterson, Paul Carland, Jack Greenlee, Jack Jeffery, Debby Boknuk, JoshPeterson  


WAX TECHS: Keith Johnson, Jack Greenlee, Dan Koschak


BOOSTER CLUB OFFICERS: Sandy Tardiff, Karen Babich, Lisa Krog 


FAVORITE GIANT'S RIDGE FOLKS: John Filander, Pepsi Deb Maki, Austin Dane 


BEST GROOMERS: Todd Roswald & Chris Shuck 






SCHOOL SUPPORT STAFF: ME / VA / EG School Administration & Transportation Deptartments 


* One of our highlights is always remembering one of our past skiers, with a dedication and scholarship.  It has been 7 years since Dan Zamlen passed away.  His memory lives on, within the hearts of our skiers, coaches and families.  

The 2016 Dan Zamlen Scholarship recipients were:  Spencer K and Kaitlyn B. 


The creed below is a piece that Dan had received at one of his high shool end of season ski banquets, and consequently favored.  It is with his love, team spirit and honor, that we shared it at last night's banquet.  Thank you, Sally & Dale. 


The Optimist Creed 

Promise Yourself

To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.

To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet.

To make all your friends feel that there is something in them.

To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true.

To think of only the best, to work only for the best, and to expect only the best.

To be just as enthususaistic about the success of others as you are about your own.

To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.

To wear a cheerful countenance at tall times and give every living creature you meet a smile.

To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others.

To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.




 A few more notes for the end of the season ---


Equipment / Uniforms:  need to be returned to Coach Cj's house.


Pepsi Challenge Ski Race: is this Saturday, Feb. 27 at Giants' Ridge. Race, volunteer or do both! 


Team Bowling Contest: sometime in the next 2 weeks!


Spring Magazine Drive: Saturday, April 23rd at Earth Fest.  Save & Pick Up any & all glossy paper!



WEEK # 14, & the end is near...but so what !! We've got lots of great skiing ahead...!
Feb 7, 2016, 4:16 pm


Sunday, Feb. 21st:

End of Season Banquet: 5 -7 pm at the Biwabik Pavilion. (Set up at 4pm)

 Jr. Nordic Club / Families / Grandparents, siblings - are all welcome!

 Potluck:         A - F: dessert

                        G - M: main dish

                        N - Z: side dish/salad


- return equipment / uniforms, etc. 

- Awards, video, and more




The excitement rolls on this week as we head into our final week of ski racing! We have had a great season, and expectations are not topped out yet! 

Way to go to our Section Teams, we were close!  Both teams finished at 3rd place, including a tie breaker for the boys team with Proctor / Hermantown.  This has a lot to be said as the majority of these teams in this section are equally outfitted with fast & tough skiers! 

Two teams advance to the State Meet, Ely & Duluth East both took the honors respectively.  After the teams are taken out of the mix, the next 6 individuals (not on a winning team) earn a State berth.  Congratulations to Anna J, (2nd), Emma (8th), Josh (9th) and Spencer (4th).

Thursday is the State Meet and a day for our skiers along with everyone else in Section 7,that will put on an exciting show of ski racing! 

GOOD LUCK to all of our JV / JH skiers at Monday's Championships!  Quick TAG OFFs for those CB RELAY skiers on Wednesday!  And SUPER FAST SKIS to all of our State Meet skiers! 


  Wish them well! These skiers will be racing at the 2016 MSHSL Nordic State Ski Meet!  



Keep scrolling down, this team is still locking in some important dates & events!


Monday, Feb. 8th:

-JV / JH Championships at Spirit Mtn in Duluth.  1 pm start.  Freestyle race.  Skiers race by grade level for Junior High.  5/6th grade, 7th, 8th grade for a 3.7 k course.  The JV skiers (9th grade & up) will race a 5.1k loop.  This is a super fun place to race and GOOD LUCK to all of our skiers! 

More details on the race line up page on this site. 

- 4-6 pm Practice for State & Charlie Banks Relay skiers                             


Tuesday, Feb. 9th:  

 4-6 pm Practice for State skiers. Wax for CB Relays.

- Jr. Nordic Club meets 

- All skiers welcome to attend practice.  This is the last day of transportation for EG / VA skiers.  Equipment & Uniform return will be at our end of season banquet. 

- Decorating for Nordic State Meet Banquet at Mesabi East.  5:30-7:30 pm.  Call Sandy at 229-2199 for more info. 


Wednesday, Feb. 10th:

8:15 am-  PEP FEST- at Mesabi East, line-up at 8:05 near Memorial Gym.  I hope that the EG / VA skiers can attend this.  A request was sent to the EG / VA athletic directors.  More details to follow on this. 

*Wear your team jacket  and/ or 2016 section 7 shirt.  Bring your medals. You will be introduced. 


9:00 - 10:00 am-  CB Relay ski teams & section teams: brunch - Coach CJ's house.

10:00 am - leave for Giant's Ridge. WAX PREP.  11:30 - Warm up for relays. State Skiers: Practice / WAX.

1:00 pm - Charlie Banks Relays 

5:00 pm - arrive at Mesabi East for State Banquet / Program.  State Meet apparel will be sold beforehand at Mesabi East. 

5:30 pm - Program in auditorium

6:30 pm - Dinner


Thursday, Feb. 11th:

2016 Nordic State Ski Meet, 10 am 

8:00 am- skiers report to Giant's Ridge.  Team camp in Lodge.

10:00 am- Girls Freestlye race

11:00 am - Boys Freestyle race

1:30 pm- Girls Classical race

2:30 pm - Boys Classical race

Awards to follow 


Saturday, Feb. 13th: 

The Book Across the Bay race / tour. This is an after season ski event for 7th graders & up.  As of last Friday, we have 14 skiers attending.  This is a 10k race or tour, across the bay of Lake Superior from Ashland to Washburn, WI.  It takes place at dusk, so skiing is by candle - lit lumaries and the stars in the sky!

The biggest bon fire you'll ever see, along with a tent full of food & music, greets us at the finish line.   A person can skate, classical ski or even snowshoe this event.  (and there aren't any hills!) ;) Online registration is $ 20.00 & all the info is here at this website: http://batb.org/registration.html .  Space is still available if you'd like to come.  Lodging is at the AmericInn in Ashland.   $ 30.00 for lodging per person.   Bring your skis and swimsuit for a day & evening of fun with your teammates! 

Leave Coach CJ's house at 10:00 am on Saturday morning. Stop for lunch on way.  Check into hotel around 1:30?  Ski race starts at 6 pm.  Return to Aurora area around 1 pm on Sunday. 


Tuesday, Feb. 16th:  

4-6 pm.  Annual Hot Dog Roast on the trails.  Games & Smore's too. 

Jr. Nordic Club meets.

* No transportation for EG / VA skiers.  Please carpool! * 





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