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Saturday February 04 2023 

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Updates & News
May 4, 2017, 9:09 am


Happy Spring ???


I really hope the month of MAY is more promising for everyone- that is on a spring sports team.  And... please thank your coaches for what they do, to keep it fun & interesting for you & your teams! 



A couple of updates  &  news..



The recent magazine drive was a hit!  We are so grateful that sooo many people think of our team, and SAVE their glossy papers for us.  The collection at the Earth Fest netted 11,380 pounds.  The second load to the paper mill accumulated to 9,060 pounds.               Total Gross Weight = 20,440 pounds!   

THANK YOU to all - who made this bi annual fundraiser a success.  Keep saving- we'll tackle another round in the fall!  


DAN ZAMLEN Scholarship Recipients:   

A copy of the Dan Zamlen Award has been mailed to you.  Your school will also receive a certificate and the check, to be presented to you, on your prospective scholarship award nights. 



Last call! For those of you that are still attached to your ski equipment.. the snow is gone. TURN in YOUR STUFF asap to Coach Johnson's house.  



West Yellowstone is the place to be the third week of November!  If you or your parents help out at the team's fundraisers, you will earn a $100 scholarship toward this ski camp / trip.  As the kids' always say.. wish I would of gone sooner.  Don't miss out this year! 


Keep smiling & keep training- ski season 2017/18 starts November 15th! 










Spring Glossy Paper Drive- Sat. April 23
Apr 13, 2017, 7:22 am


It's happening!


The team's annual Spring Glossy Paper Drive!


Our main gig will be Saturday, April 22 at the EARTH FEST in Mt. Iron, at Merritt Elementary School, look for the magazine trailer out front.

Local drop off at Coach Johnson's - in the wood shed- now till 4/21.


Parents & Skiers- this is the biggest & best fundraiser that our team puts on!  Please lend a hand at this great event! 

* Call or email Sandy for your favorite shift:  10 - 12, 11 - 1, or 12 - 2. 


                           Thank you for saving & supporting the team!!






End of Season Banquet = great food, great company, great success!
Feb 27, 2017, 11:10 am



The End of Season Banquet was a success! (and under 3 hours & 55 min)    



Lots of great company, food, memories, awards and smiles were shared.  

The ski season of 2016/2017 was "seriously fun" and more...   

THANK YOU to all who were a part of it - this team couldn't do the things we do, without your support!


A round of THANKS to the following folks that make up our crew during the season..


Ass't Coach Mariah Peterson,  Jr. High Coach Paul Carland 

Jr. Nordic Club Coach - Josh Peterson 

Volunteer Coaches- Jack Jeffery, Jack Greenlee, Debby Roswold 

Wax Tech's & Equipment repair guys - Keith Johnson, Jack Greenlee, Tim Salo

Favorite Groomers- Todd Roswold, Chris Shuck

Favorite Giant's Ridge people- John Filander, Pepsi Deb Maki

Team Photo Guy & Biggest FAn- Ron Kutsi 

Booster Club President - Sandy Tardiff 

Dan Zamlen Scholarship - Dale & Sally Zamlen - your support is HUGE. 

Senior Captains- Josh, Anna J, Ashlynn, Emma, Katie, Sam, Chaz, Anna M, Lynnette 

All of the great Parents & Grandparents- WOW- you guys rock! 



                                                            The FINE NINE! 


 Season Awards 


2016/17 Most Improved Boy Varsity Skier:  Isaac Krog

2016/17 Most Improved Girl Varsity Skier:  Lynnette Crosby

2016/17 Most Improved Boy JV Skier:  Tylen Sullinger

2016/17 Most Improved Girl JV Skier:  Callie Carland

2016/17 Most Improved Boy Jr. High Skier:   Jack Elliott

2016/17 Most Improved Girl Jr. HIgh Skier:   Briar Baudek

2016/ 17 Rookie of the Year:  Natalie Fultz

2016/17 Ski Award  "Success, Kindness, Inspirational":  Emma Greenlee 

2016/17 Dan Zamlen Memorial Scholarship: Lynnette Crosby, Emma Greenlee, Anna Johnson, Josh Jones, Ashlynn Mattson, Sam Teasck


+ WAXING for the PEPSI CHALLENGE: Wednesday, March 1.  starting at 3pm, Wax Hut, Giant's Ridge.

+ FAST SKIS to AJ at the Jr. Nationals in Lake Placid next week!  

+ 260 DAYS till the start of next ski season!!  Get your training log ready- Spring, Summer, Fall & bam- we're back! 


See ya on the trails! 





WEEK # 14 Valentines LOvE and the TEAM.
Feb 12, 2017, 10:40 am


*Update as of Monday, Feb 20th.* 


Hey everyone! 

Got a couple of updates.... 


1) HOT DOG ROAST on the TRAIL- Tuesday, FEB 21! 


It is our last official trail- togetherness for the season! 

When: Tomorrow, Tuesday, FEB 21.  4pm 

Where: Giant’s Ridge. Meet in our usual spot – South Chalet- then ski to the shack on the Laurentian Trail. 

Bring: Your own beverage. Maybe some sunblock. ;)  

Provided: Hot Dogs, Smore’s & a crackling fire & sticks. 

Turn in:  Uniform / ski equipment or at the banquet on Sunday, Feb. 26th. 

Get ready for: Snowman making contest / Red Rover Red Rover.


*Jr. Nordic Club is also invited!  

Mesabi East skiers - ride usual bus route to GR.  

VA / EG skiers - no bus transporation from VA school. Hopefully all of our young guns can make it!  

Varsity / JV skiers – can you offer our jr high skiers a ride??     :)   




 For the end of season banquet- Sunday, Feb. 26th -  you need to get your details in order: 

 - senior speech

-  team gag gifts / awards

- Dan Zamlen Scholarship essay- to coach Cheri by Feb. 22

- Baby / Senior pics to coach Cheri asap for video 




All skiers, families and coaches are invited to attend our potluck banquet at the

Biwabik Pavilion on Sunday, February 26th  from 5 - 7 PM.   

We need some volunteers to come at 4 PM to help set-up tables, chairs, decorate, etc.   

Last names A - G : main dish

Last names H - L: salads

Last names M - Z: desserts 

Let me know if you have any questions.  Hope to see everyone next Sunday to put the wrap on a great season,

and to say “so long” to all of our seniors!

Sandy Tardiff

Nordic Ski Booster President



See ya on the trail!! 







Week # 14 !! 


Congrats to all of our skiers who raced at the Section 7 Meet and the JV / JH Championships this past week! 

Goals were set and goals were met!  As often as it is said....


In. Every. Way. Possible.  


With just a few events listed on our upcoming schedule, planning will begin shortly for next season! 

All  of your smiley & fun faces better be back for 2017/18!  (sniff sniff for those 9 seniors)...  

Let's keep going, before the snow melts!



HIGHLIGHTS from this past week! 


- Congrats to Anna, Emma, & Chaz for advancing to the State Meet! 


- Way to go to Natalie & Callie for taking 1 & 2 at the JV Chamspionships!  All the great results are

   here: http://www.boreal.org/~durfee/jv_jh_champs_2_11_17.pdf


- Academics are huge on this team.  Nicely done to the Section ladies team, they earned the Gold Award this season 

  with a combined GPA of 3.91! 


 Upcoming happenings for our team yet..





Monday, Feb. 13: Practice for State qualifiers and CB relay skiers. 

                          All others are finished for the season.  

                          There will not be any more bus transportation from VA schools.

                          All team equipment and uniforms need to be turned in at the Hot Dog Trail Roast

                          or  the end of season banquet. (Feb. 26) 


Tuesday, Feb. 14: Practice - State / CB Relay skiers. 




Wednesday, Feb 15: State Send Off at Mesabi East in morning? (tentative) 

                                    Brunch / Waxing at Coaches house after.  

                                   CB Relays- 1pm at Giant's Ridge.

                                   State Meet Banquet- Giant's Ridge. 


Thursday, Feb. 16:    2017 STATE MEET, 10 am start.


*Tuesday, Feb. 21: Annaul Hot Dog roast on the trails. Bring your own beverage. 

                                Giant's Ridge- 4 pm.

* Sunday, Feb. 26:  End of Season Team Banquet.  Biwabik Pavilion. 5 pm. Potluck.

                                  All skiers, families & coaches welcome.  

                                  More info to come. 

* Saturday, March 4th: Pepsi Challenge Race at Giant's Ridge. Ski the 10, 24, or 48k! 

                                        Sign up by Feb. 28th, with paper registration. (not online) Give to Pepsi Deb Maki. 

                                        The Booster club will sponsor you with the entry fee.

                                        The 10K race – would be $25.00 without banquet ticket or $35.00 with banquet ticket

                                        The 24K/48K races – would be $60.00 without banquet ticket or $70.00 with banquet ticket 

                           ** Pay the full price, and you will be reimbursed $20 for the 10K & $50 for the 24/48K**.


Week 13. We got this!
Feb 4, 2017, 2:16 pm

Week # 13! 


Team togetherness for thirteen weeks. Where has the time gone??

It's been a super fun season and watching the team perform at the Ely Invite, definitely proved they know how to ski.

Our skiers rock at technique!  And that means everyone. From our newbies to the nine seniors on the team. 

That alone makes us coaches smile!  And PROUD!  

Lucky 13. 



 THIRTEEN things that should be on your daily routine this week... Make sure you check them off! 


1) Relax. 

2) Trust the process. 

3) Believe in yourself.  WE do. 

4) Enjoy the anticipation.

5) Bounce off the walls & go crazy with all your pent-up energy. 

6) Fuel-up.

7) Visualize the courses before you go to sleep. 

8) Race Routine. Do it. 

9) Support your teammates. You all need each other. 

10)  Focus. 

11)  Take  a deep breath. 

12)  SMILE! 

13)  Ski. Your. Best. Race. 


          13 +)  KEEP IT FUN FOLKS!!!



Get that going, MAKE IT COUNT,  and you'll know what to do on THURSDAY & SATURDAY!  So... Get After It! 


Monday, Feb. 6th- practice 

Tuesday, Feb. 7th - practice

Wednesday, Feb 8th- practice / Spaghetti Dinner / Wax. 

                             Section 7 T Shirts will be available for purchase. $17 for short sleeve,   $22 for long sleeve. 


THURSDAY, FEB 9th - SECTION 7 RACE at Giant's Ridge. (updated times in yellow) 

                                 Skiers Arrive at GR by 9:00 am. 

                                 First race is at 11:00 am, (girls freestyle). Boys at 11:30 am. 

                                 Pursuit starts at 2:30 pm (girls classic). Boys at 3:00 pm. 

                                 Team camp is in the old fitness room in the Lodge.  Due to quiet times & limited space, this room is 

                                 only available for skiers & coaches.  Friends & family-  please use the hallway to visit with your

                                 favorite skier(s). 

                                POST-Section Race dinner- in Lodge after awards ceremony. Let Captain AJ know if you will be attending.


Friday, Feb. 10th- Practice for EVERYONE, & wax for JH / JV Championships. 


SATURDAY, FEB 11th- JV/ JH Championships at Spirit Mtn. in Duluth. 11 am start. 

                                                                             *Bus leaves M.E. at 7:30 am. Will pick up VA / EG skiers at the Super 8 

                                                                              in Eveleth at 7:50*


It's gonna be a GREAT week!!!

See ya on the trails! 


Week # 12. Last regular season race. We are ready!
Jan 30, 2017, 10:15 am


Snow. Snow. Snow. 


We could use a bit to freshen up our trails, and hope not to "klister skis" for this week's race! 

TeN days remain until our Section 7 Meet. (Feb. 9)  Twelve days & counting down for the Jr. High / JV Championships. (Feb. 11)

We are fine tuning everything we know, and we'll know what to do, when those days arrive!  


                                                   LOOK OUT. WE'RE COMING!  



Here is what we're looking at for this week....


Monday, 1/30: Practice

Tuesday, 1/31: Practice

Wednesday, 2/1:  Waxing starts at 2:30 pm, Ski in between.

Thursday, 2/2: SKI MEET in ELY. Pursuit Race for V. JV / JH Skate races.

                      Jr. Nordic Club - 4pm 

Friday, 2/3: Practice

Saturday, 2/4: Varsity Practice 9-11. Lunch & Team outing after. 


Upcoming for our TEAM... 

PRE-SECTION SPAGHETTI DINNER: Wed. Feb. 8th during practice. For the entire team-

V / JV / JH. Call Sandy  to contribute. 229-2199. Thanks for your help! 

SECTION T SHIRTS: Will be available for purchase at the Spaghetti Dinner.  $17 short sleeve, $22 long sleeve.

Get yours early, they sell out quickly! 



And, mark your calendar for the End of Season Team Banquet: Sunday, Feb. 26 at the Biwabik Pavilion. More info to come. 



See ya on the trails! 


Week # 11, two regular season meets left!
Jan 24, 2017, 1:37 pm


WEEK # 11!  


                       Let's just go with lucky double digits for the week.

                                      No problems, no surprises!   :)  









Tuesday, 1/24: Practice


Wednesday, 1/25: Practice 


Thursday, 1/26: Practice / Wax 

                         Jr. Nordic Club 


Friday, 1/27: Duluth East Pursuit Invite, V / JV / JH. Snowflake Nordic Center, Duluth. 11:00 am start 

                     *Bus leaves  M.E. at 7:15 am. EG / VA skiers board bus at Super 8 in Eveleth at 7:30 am*

                      Return to Super 8 between 5-6 pm



See ya on the trails! 


Week #10. Korkki & Marshall Sprint races
Jan 15, 2017, 12:32 pm

UPDATE as of Wednesday, Jan. 18th :

For Saturday's meet at Duluth Marshall:

Our last race will now be at 2:45, (instead of 4:15). We will stop to eat at the Food Court at the mall. 

Return to Mesabi East around 5 pm. 





WEEK # 10 


That's a wrap for the 2017 ME Invite!  Yay for our skiers! Thanks to our team parents & Giant's Ridge volunteers for 

their time & talent for the spaghetti feed & race details.  Special kudo's to our key support crew at GR-

 "Pepsi" Deb Maki, John Filander & Todd Roswald, & our own Mesabi East booster president- Sandy Tardiff.  

 Another shout out to our team photo guy- Ron Kutsi.  All those fantastic action shots - are courtesy of him!!  

All (we)  have to do is show up. And ski fast.  

Got it done!!


Results were awesome- all the way around.  Our skiers produced sooo many smiles, after their race, you knew it was

a great day! It was wonderful to hear such great postitive comments from everyone.  The girls team took 2nd overall,

while the boys came in 21st.   750 skiers & 47 teams toed the line yesterday.   Dang impressive standings for the biggest high school ski meet in the country!

The timing for this meet was done by Superior Tiiming.  Here is the link for all the results. 

http://my1.raceresult.com/66296/ . 


 * New Photos are posted on this site & our team Facebook page * 


The invite also garnered front page Sport news in Sunday's Mesabi Daily News!   Check it out here:



 "Coach's Corner" page on this site is updated: check out the videos on Double Pole & Double Pole Kick.  We'll be working on it this week. 

We have a daily count down at practice now.  22 days till the Section Meet as of today.  Whaat? Whew. Ok.   LET's GO !!





                                                FRONT & CENTER - for every practice & every race.                                        




ENTHUSIASTIC practicing and SERIOUS racing is our plan for this week! 

Monday, 1/16:   Practice

Tuesday, 1/17:   Ski Meet- Korkki Nordic. Two Harbors area.  V/ JV / JH. "Old school" CLASSIC race.  Awards for best vintage

                           ski suits too! Leave M.E. at  7:30 am.  VA & EG skiers come to M.E.  Bus returns to M.E. around 5 pm. 

Wednesday, 1/18: Practice

Thursday, 1/19:  Practice & Jr. Nordic Club

Friday, 1/20:  Practice

Saturday, 1/21:  Ski Meet- Marshall Sprints. Duluth Marshall School.  V/ JV/ JH. Sprint Relays & Pursuit.

                           Everyone boards bus at M.E. at 6:15 am. 

                            JH races are at 9:30 am. Mass start. 

                           *Jr. High / New skier Parents* - if you'd like to take your skier home after their race, it is fine.  

                            Bring a note for Coach Johnson. 

                            This meet is a long day, with the last Varsity races starting at 4:15 pm. 








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